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The official launch of ShaMaz Films' Konkani 35 mm celluloid film "Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?" in Kuwait

The official launch of ShaMaz Films' Konkani 35 mm celluloid film
"Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?" in Kuwait

Kuwait, October 21, 2010: This morning, the official launch preceeding the international release of ShaMaz Films’ Konkani 35 mm celluloid film “Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?” was held at the Kuwait Continental Hotel in the presence of Kuwait media journalists and Kuwait-based film producers. Domingos Araujo, President of Kala Mogui Kuwait, welcomed all present and introduced the Actor-Director-Producer Sharon Mazarello and her husband Wilson (Wilmix) Mazarello. The duo has been specially flown to Kuwait courtesy of Jet Airways and Kuwait Continental Hotel whose representatives where also present at the launching ceremony. A brief glimpse on the film production was provided by Sharon and Wilson highlighted on the experience of filming, production and post-production. “We are happy to have been approached by our Goan friend, Domnic Araujo, to have the film’s release in Kuwait. Initially we were taken by surprise to be given such a preferential approach to have an international release for our film".

We are delighted to know of the tremendous response and coverage given to us in Kuwait’s prominent English dailies – Kuwait Times, The Times and Arab Times as well as internet portals. “Our Goans friends have surprised us with even our arrival photos on the India and Goa-centric cyber portals”, a beaming Sharon surprised the gathering. The cast and the production crew were very cooperative to finish the movie on schedule, answered Wilson when questioned by The Times reporter, Joseph (William) Fernandes.

T-Bush, the Kuwait-based award winning film producer-director raised a valid point at the ensuing discussions. His contention was that it is imperative to develop the Konkani film standard and to produce make more and more outstanding movies in Konkani. "I want the market to change and to demand more Konkani films which makes profit". "The Konkani film producers should be looking more into the economics and must aim to get the returns back from their investment". This dream will come true only when the Konkani lovers will demand rich cinematography, story, direction, music and choreography”. He further emphasized, “I advise not to buy or to watch the low standard home videos churned out as films”. “We all must protest, only then the producers and directors will work hard to make the best movies and within no time the Konkani movies will get the rightful place on the cinema map of the world”. T-Bush assured his wholesome cooperation towards this endeavour.

The media coordinator for Shamaz Films’ Konkani film world premiere is Goa's pride To a question put in by the Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter moderator as to what was the assistance provided by the Government of Goa, Sharon answered that there are several governmental schemes which were explored. The willingness and encouragement by the government authorities to promote Konkani films is of paramount importance. Focussing the discussions on the recent trend of producing home videos and marketing them as 'films' on DVD, it was suggested that a censor certificate be made compulsory to look into the quality of production as well as the contents. More focus towards this aspect is the need of the hour.

Arif Kazi, President of Fankaar Arts (Kuwait) and who has been associated with the Hindi stage for over two decades expressed his views that it is very nice to hear that regional films are getting more attention and it is film makers like Sharon Mazarello who are expressing their love for their mother tongue, Konkani. He congratulated the actor-director-producer of ‘Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?. Arif Kazi expressed his desire to support their future endeavors. Kala Mogui Kuwait thanked Arif Kazi in a special way for all the assistance rendered in connection with the film premiere. He also thanked the Kuwait National Cinema Co. and the Cinescape Metro management.

Representing the tiatrist fraternity in Kuwait, comedian Philip Pereira, who has been associated with Wilson Mazarello and other Goan directors on the tiatr stage since the mid 1980s wished Shamaz Films (Goa) all the best in their new venture. “I look forward to viewing the screening of the film tomorrwo. It will be an unique opportunity to see the film at the world premiere”, Philip proudly said with his trademark smile! Curiously he questioned Sharon if she will give up acting on Konkani stage? Instantenously Sharon responded, now that I would like to devote more time to films' production, but with the limited time available, she would be happy to continue with her first love for the Konkani stage. Wilson Mazarello continued further: We have our love for tiatr and will continue it in the future.

Music for the film is credited to Balthazar Fernandes (ex-assistant to Kalyanji-Anandji) while Wilmix has penned the lyrics and set it to tune and the Cinematography is attributed to Domnic Dias, it was highlighted at the launch.
The cast of the movie includes Sharon Mazarello, Pradip Naik, Franky Gonsalves, Wilmix, Comedy Supremo Humbert, Effie Fernandes, Roseferns, Menino de Bandar, Comedian Edisson, Fermeeno, etc.

George D’Souza, a stage artiste and member of Fankaar Arts, Anthony Fernandes representing the official hospitality partner Kuwait Continental Hotel, and Mustaq Ali representing Jet Airways, the official carrier for the Konkani film release were among those present at the launch and press briefing. Sharon & Wilmix Mazarello will be present at the world premiere release at the Cinescape Metro Auditorium at Farwaniya. They can be reached at Mob: +965 55897765.

The film is scheduled to be released in a few days in Goa at two major cinema complexes - the INOX in the capital city, Panjim and the OSIA in Margao.
The feature film is the first Konkani film to be directed by a woman and first Konkani film that is 100 per cent Goan – the producer, director, screenplay writer, cinematographer, music director, editor, choreographer, musicians, singers and actors are all Goans and the film has been entirely shot in Goa. It’s the first Konkani film to use professional choreography, also involving Goan fire-dancers. ‘Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?’ is also the first Konkani film to use an orchestra of 35 Goan musicians and the first Goan film with a Dolby-sound.

The organizers Kala Mogui Kuwait can be contacted at: +965 99391452. For your online booking, visit:

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sharon Mazarello - Singer, Actor, Film Producer & Director

Sharon Mazarello - Singer, Actor, Film Producer & Director

Sharon Mazarello and Wilson (Wilmix) Mazarello arrived in Kuwait to a thunderous welcome at the Kuwait International Airport on Wednesday. The producer-director of the Konkani film which has its scheduled international release in Kuwait on Friday was warmly received by a delegation of Kala Mogui Kuwait headed by President Domingos Araujo.

Sharon Mazarello, popularly known in Konkani music as ‘the Voice of Goa’ is Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree holder with honours in Psychology of the Mumbai University. She is also a distinction student of music in Grade I, II & III of the Trinity College of Music, London. Having been on the Goan professional theatre stage for the last 30 years, Sharon is a multi-faceted talented professional - singer, actor, playwright, director and producer, known throughout the length and breadth of Goa, Mumbai, Karnataka and overseas.

She started her career by singing on the professional stage and performing in plays, musical programmes besides audio albums, the radio and t.v., winning several awards all along. She is a household name in Goa for her very popular songs. She has lent her voice to several albums in English, Hindi, and Marathi besides Konkani. She has also done playback singing for konkani films and videos.

Has acted in more than 150 konkani dramas, playing variety of roles, for which she has won several awards. She has also acted and featured in radio plays, t.v. plays, videos and films both in Konkani and English.

She has written and directed her own Konkani plays which have been quite popular with the audiences in Goa. Presently, she is the director of ‘Theatre Art & Cultural Training Institute, based in Margao, Goa’. Since the last 18 years, this institute is involved in training the youth of Goa in all aspects of theatre art, music and films.

She has ventured into film making now, having just completed her very first 35mm celluloid film “Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?” [What would you do?] which she has written, directed, acted, sang and produced. Currently working on directing and producing a video album of her popular songs, which is scheduled for completion shortly. She has also recently enacted a prominent role in a Bollywood movie “Dum Maro Dum” directed by Rohan Sippy.

Sharon Mazarello, has produced 27 Audio-Albums of Songs and one DVD in Konkani titled “DURIG”(The Compound Wall) and has acted in several DVDs and has been associated in the production, conceptualising and direction of several more Konkani and English DVDs. Here's wishing Sharon and Wilson Mazarello all the very best on the eve of the international release of ShaMaz Films (Goa) first Konkani film. The film is scheduled to run for three consecutive days from Friday, October 22, 2010 until Sunday, October 24, 2010 at the Cinescope Metro, Farwaniya. For bookings log in to or call Kala Mogui Kuwait at +965 99391452 or email kalamogui at gmail dot com

Director’s Filmography
Sharon Mazarello, has produced 27 Audio-Albums of Songs and one DVD in Konkani titled “DURIG” (The Compound Wall). Has acted in several DVDs and has been associated in the Production & Direction of several more Konkani & English DVDs.
She is the Director of Tact Institute (Goa) - an Institute involved in training the Goan youth in Theatre and Film acting where she conducts regular Workshops for Youth in Film-Acting.

She has recently done a prominent role in a Bollywood movie “Dum Maro Dum” directed by Rohan Sippy. In her debut, 35 mm Celluloid Konkani Film ‘TUM KITEM KORTOLO ASLO?”, she is the Producer, Director, Screenplay Writer, the main lead Artist and Singer as well. She has also assisted in the Editing of the Film.
Sharon is, at present,in the process of Producing and Directing a Video Album of her own popular songs.



You are kindly requested to attend the Launch and International Release
of Konkani film ‘Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?’, produced and directed by ShaMaz Films
at the Banquet Hall, 9th Floor, Kuwait Continental Hotel, Bneid Al Gar, Kuwait
on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 11:00 a.m.

The producer-director Sharon Mazarello look forward to welcome you along with the organizers, Kala Mogui Kuwait.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Domingos Araujo
President – Kala Mogui Kuwait

R.S.V.P.: +965 99391452

Monday, October 18, 2010



For the first time in the history of Konkani films an international premiere of the Konkani film “Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?” produced by ShaMaz Films (Goa) will be held in the State of Kuwait to give the much needed international exposure for the Konkani films. Come, join in and celebrate the 60th anniversary of Konkani cinema.

The Konkani film will be released as an International Premiere on Friday, October 22, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. at Cinescape Metro (Farwaniya) owned and managed by Kuwait National Cinema Co. (KNCC). The detailed screening schedule is as follows:
Oct. 22, 2010 Friday: 3:30 pm; 5:30 pm; & 8:00 pm ----3 screenings
Oct 23, 2010 Saturday: 3:30 pm; 5:30 pm; & 8:00 pm ----3 screenings
Oct 24, 2010 Sunday: 5:30 pm; & 8:00 pm ----2 screenings

The film has screenplay, direction and is produced by Sharon Mazarello with cinematography by Domnic Dias and Music by Blathazar Fernandes and featuring Sharon Mazarello, Pradip Naik, Franky Gonsalves, Wilson Mazarello, Comedy Supremo Humbert, Comedian Eddison, Fermeeno Goes and special appearances by Anjela Moraes, Roseferns and Menino de Bandar, among others.
For your ticket reservations please log on to or contact Tel: 99391452, 99540232, 99376171, 99106617, 97883981, 66502572, 65825964, 66153265, 66512602, 99732917 or email: