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Konkani Film Festival in New Delhi - 3rd Jan. 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Goenkarancho Ekvot is completing 10 years of its existence and we are starting the New year with the Konkani Film Festival to promote Konkani in the National Capital, New Delhi.

The Inaugural event is sheduled to be held at India International Centre New Delhi
on 3rd January 2010 with the national award winning film - Antarnad (Inner Voices)
with English subtitles.

Sending along with the attachment of the detail programme.


Suman Kurade
Goenkarancho Ekvot (DELHI)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FILM: Bhavart Ani Fulam Mojea Gupit Jivitant

My film had to end in Goa


Greek actress Eleftheria Komi had to undergo intense training for almost a year to learn Konkani for the film, Faith and Flowers in My Secret Life (Bhavart Ani Fulam Mojea Gupit Jivitant), which is set for all-Europe release sometime in December this year.
Tuesday saw the last day of the shooting of the film in the heritage and holy precincts of Old Goa under the guidance of young producer and director Domingo Fernandes on whose life the two-hour movie is based.
Domingo says there could be no other place for this film to end other than Goa because that’s the place where he was born and the movie itself is based on his life and tribulations.
Hailing originally from Agassaim Domingo is making this film along with another Goan Anthony Dias from Ambelim in Salcete. Both have long migrated to France and are now European citizens living in Paris.
Domingo, who migrated to France when he was 13 years old, has not lost touch with Konkani, which he speaks more proficiently than English, along with Spanish and German.
The young director says the film is set for release in December in Paris. This is my second feature film, the first being Out of My Country I Love You. It is a fusion of English, Konkani and French languages and is made under the banner of Flying Films Production, he mentions.
The film shooting for Faith and Flowers…has been going on since the last three and half years and was shot at various locations in Paris and Goa. And why so much delay in completing the shooting of the film? Doming says during a shoot in Paris they were robbed of their film equipment that was worth over crores in Indian rupees.
“After this there was a lapse in the shooting of the film and the incident left Anthony and me very depressed,” he recounts and adds, “Despite all shortcomings we managed to wound up the shooting today. It has been very satisfying.”
Domingo says apart from the gorgeous lead actress of the film, Eleftheria Komi, who took the trouble to learn Konkani, Erique Ebounay is the other known star in the flick. Ebounay has acted in American films like Gladiator and Three Kings, he adds.
The director himself has acted in the movie. Then there are other Goan actors like France-settled Juana Pinto and Francis Figuereido who got a chance to brush with better known foreign actors.
Domingo says he plans to propose to the Entertainment Society of Goa to screen the film at the International Film Festival of India in November. But it is sure to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May, he mentions.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Konkani Comedy VCD "AXIRVAD"

Konkani Comedy VCD "AXIRVAD"


COMEDIAN JESUS Antao needs no formal introduction to his numerous fans and tiatr goers. He is one such Konkani stage comedian who is identified by his natural style of acting and equally unique style of delivering the comedy dialogues. As a veteran stage artist he has acted for most of the senior directors of the Konkani stage and toured several Gulf States too. He is quite popular in the Gulf States and visits Kuwait quite frequently for special shows.

Jesus Antao has also produced his own audio cassettes in the past and released his first VCD Comedy Film ‘Axirvad’. This film is written and directed by him with Olavo Joao and Finton Pinto as the Production Managers. The shooting of ‘Axirvad’ was completed in August 2004.

In an informal chat with GO, Jesus Antao stated “Axirvad is a comedy film featuring some of the topmost Konkani stage artistes. The film is shot at some beautiful scenic locations in South Goa. Nearly 75% of the film is shot in the picturesque village of Chinchinim in South Goa.”

Reputed musician Pravin Naik has scored the background music. Prominent stage artistes - Wilmix, Anil Kumar, Irene Vaz, Peter-Roshan, Comedian Joana, Comedian Marcus, Clara, Spica, Olavo Gomes, Sabina D’Costa, Cruz de Navelim, Elvy Goes and Master Sheldon besides Comedian Jesus Antao and others - make up the cast of ‘Axirvad’.

Speaking further Jesus Antao concluded “A lot of emphasis is given to the quality of production and the photography which is undertaken by one of Goa’s reputed cameramen, Dnyanesh Moghe. The comedy included in the film will be something different and will have a mass appeal. ‘Axirvad’ will be a total family entertainment for the young and the old, he said.

Modified item based on Archived article by Daniel F. De Souza

in the Goan Observer

Monday, June 22, 2009

Konkani Film "To Dis Udelo"

To Dis Udelo

"To Dis Udelo" Konkani Film by Bonifacio Dias

Featuring Joe Rose, Ben Evangelisto,
Anil Kumur, Fatima, Aplon, Rosario Dias,
Peter-Roshan, Pascoal Rodrigues, among others.



Produced and Directed By Teotonio D'Costa

Featuring Maria, Sevia Pereira, Anthony, Jr. Simla, Jack Rodson,
Jimy Cardoza, Ruben D'Costa, among others.

Sunday, June 21, 2009



Written & Directed by Irineu D'Cruz

Produced by Baltazar & Tony Fernandes

Assistant Driector: Willy Silveira

Cameraman: Spirit

Lyrics: Mini Mario & Irineu D'Cruz

Playback singers: Lawrie, Mini Mario, Rosy Alvares & Irineu D'Cruz.

Background Music: Nelvin Fernandes

Editing, Dubbing & Titling by Rajesh A. Bhosle

In memory of Andrew Greno C. Viegas

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Konkani Video CD "DUKHAM"

Comedy Queen Querobina to release Konkani Video CD "DUKHAM" in Kuwait

By Gasper Crasto

Comedy Queen Querobina Carvalho - Quero to friends - will launch her first
songs and jokes Video CD entitled 'Dukham' (Tears) at the Goa Day event on
9th November 2007 in Kuwait.

Querobina has transcended Goa's stereotype stage style to become one of the
finest actresses of this generation against all odds. She is undoubtedly a
superstar and on a pedestal equal to legendary celebrities of the stage.
Querobina is perhaps the only actress who can do comedy as well as tragedy
roles and at the highest standard at that, and sing with a voice that can
melt stone hearts.

The Video CD produced by Music House (Mapusa) and music composed by famed
Goan musician Norman Cardozo, consists of a selection of songs and jokes.

Querobina has the distinction of winning 3 straight Kala Academy awards as
the Best Singer of Goa from 1973 to 1975. Acclaimed as one of Goa's popular
comedienne and an actress for enacting tragedy roles, Querobina has
tirelessly served Konkani stage even after landing in Kuwait. The
multi-talented star recently featured in the first Konkani E-Cinema 'BLACK
Nhesop Atanchem Fashion' produced and directed by T-Bush.

Querobina is a singer with an eloquent voice and has to her credit several
songs in Konkani CDs, video films and audio albums. She has sung in
approximately 39 audios and features in 8 videos. Her first Album 'Dhinvas'
was a runaway hit. Not too long ago, Querobina presented her first Konkani
album "Tragedy Queen" dedicated to her favourite stage actress Ophelia

Querobina's first step on the stage was at the age of 9 years where she sang
her first solo at St. Aloysius High School. Querobina's rise to fame began
with her 'first break' on the professional stage in A.M. Pacheco's drama
'Mr. Romeo' and 'Odruxtt' in 1977. Querobina labored long in the field of
different roles for Patrick Dourado's 'Soth' and the second ever ladies show
on Konkani stage 'Oxem Ghoddtta' before her acting in Goa's mega hit dramas
showed the extent of her brillance and talents. She soon went on to act in
A.M.Pacheco's 'Don Roste', 'Vis Vorsam Adim' and Nelson
(Nelson-Conception-Anthony) Alphonso's 'Asro.' In 1978 she joined Patrick
Dourado's troupe that brought her recognition as a professional artiste and
also the title 'Comedy Queen Querobina' for his drama 'Ostori'.

The greatness of her acting came forth again in performances of Patrick's
tragedy hit 'Lok Sangtolo', and M. Boyer's 'Mog Kazar Divorce'. Soon she was
pulled in Bombay by late Bab Peter to act in an all Bombay professional
group in 'Guneaum Mhozo Nhuim'. Later, she performed mostly comedy roles in
Prince Jacob's productions. Die-hard tiatro fans have followed her career
closely, watching her metamorphose into one of the State's most recognized
faces on the Konkani stage. Her numerous other acting credits include
Patrick Dourado's superhits such as "Oxem Ghoddtta", "Ghatki Bhoinn",
"Bhavacho Cheddo", "Familik Vollkona", "Lok Sangtolo", "Tem Mhojem Soirem",
"Dev Borem Korum", "Tin Fogotteache Marann", "Varem", "Noketr", "Patok",
etc; C. D'Silva and Patrick Dourado's joint venture 'Mannkam Motiam', 'Mog',

Querobina featured in approximately 27 different dramas of Patrick Dourado
and later acted in shows of Conny M. D'Silva, Vitorino Pereira, Master Vaz,
legendary late Rosario Rodrigues, Menino de Bandar, etc. Prominent hits
that she acted are late Bab Peter's 'Mijas', 'Guneanv Mhozo Nhoim', 'Tuka
Kiteak Poddlam'; Robin Vaz's 'Biatin', 'Chamcha'; late C.Alvares' 'Xezari
Kombo' ; late Jacinto Vaz's drama 'Sukh ani Dukh'; Wilmix's 'Sonvsar ani
Sorg'; Roseferns' 'Tuttlele Dhaage'; and Prince Jacob's superhits 'Pavnnek',
'Ponvot', 'Pordexi', 'Poltodd', 'Pangddo', 'Pergao', 'Poixe-Poixe', etc.

Querobina has also sung and rendered her voice in 56 folk plays on All India
Radio (AIR) - Goa which were a major source of entertainment for public
before the advent of television in Goa in the wake of the 1982 ASAID. As a
comedienne Querobina has acted alongside famous artistes of Konkani stage
that include Comedian Dias, Comedienne Platilda, Comedian Philip, Comedian
Domnic, Augustine, Sherly, Sally, Comedian Jesus, Luis Bachchan, Nelson,
Ben, Ambe, X. Almeida, M. Boyer, Jacinto Vaz, Titta Pritto, Tony Martins,
Paul Romy, Hortencio, late Luis Dias, etc. She was a darling of the crowd in
Prince Jacob's shows alongside Jacob and Humbert.

Born to Andrew Carvalho and Arcangela Fernandes and coming from the
beautiful coastal village Majorda, Querobina grew up with her younger
brother Anthony. It was in celebrated director M.Boyer's drama 'Mog Kazar
Divorce' that she first toured the Middle East and made the trip again for
another 5 times in Prince Jacob's shows. Recalling her overseas tours
Querobina underlines "In 1989, I performed in London for Prince Jacob's
'Painem' and 'Pergao'; my first trip to Kuwait was in Mario de Majorda's
"Sambau" drama staged in 1994 at Keifan Hall." The much in demand actress
also toured Dubai and Bahrain for Jose Rod's "Mauli" and for Comedian Philip's
drama 'Hem Kazar Koslem?', and also traveled to Qatar, Bahrain from Kuwait
to act in dramas on several occasions. Querobina's 'residency' in Kuwait
has been hailed in the media by many Goans as a gift to Kuwait Konkani
lovers but the void created by her absence in Goa is missed by thousands.
Since her arrival in Kuwait in 1995 she has acted in various dramas directed
by Jose Rod, Rosary Ferns, Comedian Philip, Mario de Majorda, etc. Most
recently, she has acted for the shows directed by Salu Faleiro, Simon
Gonsalves, Francis de Tuem, etc. Indisputably, a multifaceted actress like
Querobina would have been hailed as a "top star" had she been acting in any
other language dramas. The artiste has been felicitated in Kuwait by
Konkani Heritage Kuwait (2000) and United Club of Utorda (2007) and in
Bahrain at the staging of Anthony Luis Fernandes' show. After a gap of 22
years, she had performed in July 2007 in Goa for Laurente Pereira's 'Hea
Gharachim Dharam Bondh' tiatr to a thunderous ovation.

"The audience has accepted and appreciated me as an actress. I am sure the
latest video of songs and jokes will be a joy of tears for the Konkani
speaking masses", stated Querobina on the release of 'Dukham'.

- You heard it first from !


Konkani VCDs Listing

Konkani VCDs Listing

Bhuimkamp - by Mark Araujo etc

Rontto - by Candido & Ratnakar

Devan Dilem Devcharan Velem - By Jose Rod

Zababdari(film) - Bonifacio Dias, Anil kumar

Tukach Lagon - Khell Tiatr by Minino Mario

Soirikar - Khell Tiatr by Minino Mario

Dor Taka sodnaka - Actors John D silva,Domnic etc

O my God -Commedian Domnic & Luis Bacchan. March 2004

Sorry PAI -Commedy Film by Comedian Agostinho.Apr04

Tujem Sambau-Khell Tiatr by Minino Mario-April 2004

Moriad -Film by Bonifacio dias- March/April 2004

Devak Zai Zalear – Film-Ben Evangelisto July/Aug2004

Kavllo Rodlo Lozen- Songs& Jokes-Rosary Ferns Aug 2004

Mog -a short film by Peter Roshan August 2004

Vantte, A drama by Allan D’Costs/Sidon Sil Aug/2004

Manfas’s Musical show, songs. June/2004


GOA Bombay- with GOA/Bombay Actors by Tony Dias oct/04

Dol Mojea Bai (Film)- Candido Araujo/Sinari Nov/04

Kantiantlem Ful (Film)- D’Costa Production/Sinari Nov/04

Sunday- Comedy by Comedian Agostino/Manfa Music Nov/04

Sangat Ami Bhurgim Konnachim by Mario Menezes Dec/04

Axirvad by Jesus Antao (TBR)

PURTUGUESE GOENKAR by Samuel Carvalho/Manfa

KALLZACHE GHAVE By Teotonio d'Costa


MAINCHEM KALLIZ by Agnelo Da Costa

DOGANCH PURO by Comedian Ambe

AUNCH TO by Rafael de majorda

SANGATIN a Candido Araujo production

TUKAI TENCH RAUTA by Rafael De Majorta july/04

HANV NOKHO ZALOM by Rafael De Majorda july/04

BHADDEACHO KUSVO By Machi Mogi St.Cruz April/05

KOR MOJEM KALLIZ TUJEA KALLZA SARKEM by Tony Dias (Conny Enerprises) April/o5

KERELACHI TOPI by Comedian Prince Leslie April/05

KONNECH LOZCHEN NHUI By nini Mario june/05

KUROIKAR by Com. Agostinho July/05

TUJEM NANV VHODD ZAUM by Jose Rod july/05

NIKITA by Rosy Alvares Aug/05

GOEMCHO SAIB by Prince Jacob Aug/05

KONN ZABABDAR by Bonifacio Dias/Anil Kumar Aug/05

DHAGHO by Dramatic Troup of Ribandar

BHUDVONT JACKINAS by Com. Jesus Antao Sept/05

HO AMCHO BHAVART by Fr. Nevil Gracias

CIRCUS by com. Peter D' Costa

EK DIS Film songs Audio/Vidio 2 in one

VCDs on GOA etc
GOA a Paradise by Agostinho Da Cruz Nov.2003
Beaches of GOA by Taresh Sabharwal March 2004
A film on Life of St.Francis Xavier- Grace Cuts & Glory
VCD on the life of JESUS
GOA An Indian Paradise (a Video Guide)

I have the foll VCDs and watched them all and made my
own comparision/scoring which is given below for your info.

VCD/Name Drama Commedy Songs Popular Price
Actors Rs.
1.Bhuimkamp 8 5 8 4 250

2.Rontto 7 5 4 4 200

3.Devan Dilem
Devcharan Velem 9 9 6 10 200

4.Zababdari(flm) 8 6 4 9 250

5.Moriad Film 8 7 5 9 250

6.To dis Udelo 8 7 8 8 250

7.Devak Zai Zalear 8 10+ 7 10 200

8.MOG 8 9 9 9 150

9.Vantte 9 9 8 7 250

10.Tukach Lagon 8 7 7 9 150

11.Soirikar 8 7 6 9 150

12.Tujem Sambau 9 9 7 9 150

13.Dor Taka sodn - 8 - 9 150

14.O my God - 10 - 10 150

15.Sorry Pai - 9 - 10 150

16.Kavlo Roddlo Lozen- 9 9 9 150

17.Film Songs - - 10 8 99

18.GOA Bombay - 9 10 10 200

19.Dol Mojea Bai 9 7 9 10 250

20.Kanteamtlem Ful 10 5 10 10 250

21.Sunday - 9 4 9 150

22.Sangat Ami
Bhurgim Konachim 10 9 8 10 200

23.Kallzache Ghave 8 8 5 8 250

24.Sounsar Somplea..9 - 8 9 250

25.Mainchem Kalliz 5 6 7 9 200

26.Axirvad ( - 8 - 9 150

27.Purtugese Goenka 9 8 8 9 200

28.Sangatin 9 6 9 9 199

29.Aunch To 9 6 7 9 150

30.Doganch Puro 8 8 9 150

31.Kamsulo (Natok) 8 6 - 4 160

32.Hanv Noko Zalon 7 8 8 8 125 poor qlty print

33.Tukai Tench Rauta (TBR)poor qlty print 125

34.Kerelachi Topi - 7 6 5 150

35.Bhaddeacho Kusvo10 4 8 5 199

36.Kor Moj Kaliz.. 8 8 8 9 200

37.KONNECH LOZCHEM 8 7 6 10 199


39.BUDVONT JAKINAS 10 10 8 10 150

40. NIKITA 10 10 9 10 150







Manfa’s Misical Show - 150

.VCDs on GOA, Religeous VCDs etc:
1.GOA a Paradise - - - - 250
2.Beaches of GOA - - - - 99
3.A Film on Life of St.Francis Xavier - 99
4.A Film on JESUS Konkani - 250
5.Jivitacho Kuris another Religious VCD - 150
6.GOA An Indian Paradise (a Video Guide) - 199


New Konkani Films/VCDs releasing shortly


KUMPAR by C.Alvares/Manfa

HATANT DITAM by Jack Rodson


ORDEN CHADOR by Dramatic gorup of Britona (with Anil Kumar, Fatima, Luis Bachan

MOG KORAT by Franfer production (this may be out already)

LORNA LIVE IN KUWAIT by Rafael de majorda ( " )


PADRI by Prince Jacob

EK DIS by Amar Sawant


for Goa & NRI related info...

courtesy: JoeGoaUk

Konkani VCD "Lakhpoti Zanvoi"




Natural Comedian JOANA's 3rd Konkani VCD
"Lakhpoti Zanvoi"

Featuring: Comedian Selvy, Comedian Ben, Maggie, Comedian Marcus,
Anil, Olga, Caitan and Comedian Joana.

Music: Angelo
Script: Manuel Pereira
Produced by Cony Fernandes
and Directed by Comedian JOANA.


(Info source: Felix de Merces)

Konkani video film "Atancheo Sunom"

A new Konkani video film "Atancheo Sunom" has been co-produced
in association with C. Alvares Films, and is directed by
Capucina Alvares.


Team Ashterwayne




C. Alvares Films back in action.

After its first release of the Konkani film Disson Khurrdo Aikon Bhero, this year, C.Alvares Films is rolling out their second project titled "Ghutt" the film will be directed by Capucina Alvares daughter of yesteryear ace writer, director and actor late Mr. C.Alvares.

The film a murder mystery is a joint production between C.Alvares Films & Ashterwayne Productions. This partnership will also roll out a slew of films and events in the coming year 2008.

On speaking to Capucina Alvares about the film, she says "it's too early to talk about the film, but yes we are doing a film (Ghutt), but will give out details in due course, as of now, I can only confirm the news".


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Konkani Pop Music Video "UZVAAD"

Konkani pop music video UZVAAD

Directed by Rajesh Bhosale

Goan Konkani pop Video Album
contact: +91 9822170230

Konkani telefilm "MOJEM NOXIB"

Review of the Konkani telefilm "MOJEM NOXIB"

A film by JACK-E.

Konkani telefilm "Asli Dukhi Nasleli Sukhi"

Konkani telefilm "Asli Dukhi Nasleli Sukhi"

Konkani Film "Aie Modern Zali"

Konkani Film "Aie Modern Zali"

A Peter-Roshan Film

Konkani telefilm "No Problem"

KonKani telefilm - No Problem

A Film By Comedian Joana

Konkani telefilm "CHOVIS VORAM"

Konkani telefilm "CHOVIS VORAM"

"Konkani Film Song & Trailer from film "CHOVIS VORAM"

Written & Directed By Simon Gonsalves

Konkani telefilm 'PAARADH'

Konkani telefilm 'PAARADH'

Writer and Producer Mrs. Suphala Prabhu Shelkar's yet another venture.

This time a Murder Mystery - PAARADH

Starring: Ramchandra Pai Kane, Suphala Prabhu Shelkar, Tejashri Prabhu Goankar,
Naval Naik, Neeta Naik

It's a Laxmi Kala Kendra presentation.

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Konkani telefilm "CHIKITSA"

Trailer of konkani telefilm - "CHIKITSA"

K.K. Production..... Dr. Rohan Karmali himself has formulated the story concept and has edited the telefilm. This telefilm would soon be telecast on goa's leading television channel PRUDENT MEDIA.
This is Dr. Rohan's first telefilm as a producer director.

Story Synopsis: ...

Telefilm: CHIKITSA


Story Synopsis:
देवल नावाचो एक तरनाटो नवीनच नोकरेक लागता
बसून काम कारपाक पडिल्ल्यान ताका हल्कें शें पोट सुट्टा
वांगडी सगळे ताजीं फकाणा करतात
दोतोरान दिल्लीं वखदां काम करीनाशील्ल्यान तो कासावीस ज़ाता
आयुर्वेदिक पुस्तक "चरक संहिता" वाचून तो एक उपाय सोदता.
ताजे खातीर तो तें झाड सोदपाक आपल्या गावांक वता.
फूडें कितें घडटा...????
टॅलिफिल्म पळयात आनी ज़ाणून घेयात...

Konkani telefilm "ZAANN"

Konkani telefilm ZAANN

Trailer of the konkani telefilm ZAANN
01:47 - 2 years ago

Sandipani Mordekar, Goyel Lotlikar,Surat Pai Khot, Vallabh Prabhu Gaonkar, Vaidehi Shinkre, Devika Dessai, Shruta Pai & Pradhyumn Prabhu Shelkar. ... Zaann konkani telefilm ...

Watch this video on

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Konkani film "DOLLA"

A fresh look at classic Konkani Cinema

A fresh look at classic Konkani Cinema and the people who made it happen. ByAndrew Greno Viegas. Bhuierantlo Munis (Cave Man) ... - صفحات مشابهة

Konkan entertainment : 50 years of Konkani cinema 1950-2000

Konkan entertainment : 50 years of Konkani cinema 1950-2000

English / Editors- Viegas, Andrew Greno: (Taleigao-Panaji Goa: 2000)

Keywords - {Indian Cinema, Goa} Status - Checkshelf

Series - {}

Record Number - {J00187}


Volume 1, Issue 1, 2000
Editorial - for the love of Konkani (Al Jerry Braganza -
The Father of Konkani Cinema) 3

Origin of Cinema 6

Konkani motion pictures/ celluloid films 9
1. Hindi films with the word 'Goa' in their title 20
2. Over 100 films filmed in Goa 28
3. Konkani actors/ goans in other language cinema 35
4. Konkani films remade/ dubbed in other languages 42
5. Hindi playback singers who sang Konkani songs 48

Incomplete/ under production celluloid films 49
6. Goan musicians who played for Hindi films 54

Model of the Issue 59
They said it-1 60

Konkani video films/ tele films 61
7. When christian musicians first played in Indian
films 64
8. The first Indian cinema song 69
9. The first silent film to be filmed & shown in Goa 73
10. Hindi films actors who spoke in Konkani 78

Incomplete/ under production video films 79
11. The Konkani tiatrs in which films were shown 82

The said it-2 84

Konknnintlim cholchitram Alvaro Gomes 85
12. Goans in Indian film industry 90

Konknni cholchitr Hema Naik 93
Vision on Konkani cinema Pundalik Naik 98
13. The goan cinema houses of yesteryears 99

Konknni film-gitam 101
14. The first broadcast of Lata's songs on radio Goa 105

National film archives of India Andrew Greno Viegas 106
Film and TV institute of India Andrew Greno Viegas 110

15. The number of cinema theatres in India 111

Poetry 111
Konkani video's/ film songs on T.V 112
Konkani film songs on radio 112
Jacinto Vaz and Konkani cinema Andrew Greno Viegas 113
Appreciating Films 115
Sex scenes in moives Fr. Mike 117

16. The films screened in villages by Govt. depts. 119

United entertainers 121
There's drama in my mustard Isabel De Santa Rita Vas 123
Pinocchio & Asterix in Goa Andrew Greno Viegas 125
On being a mustard seed Prajal Sakhardande 126
News reel 128
References 134

50 years of Konkani Cinema

50 years of Konkani Cinema

By United Entertainers.

Price: $3.0 or Rs. 50.0 (2000) / Pp 136.

A delightful account of Konkani cinema, this book is for all ...

Goa’s award winning director announces launching of new Marathi film

Goa’s award winning director announces launching of new Marathi film


PANJIM, NOV 6, 2007 – Goa’s first national award-winning director for a Konkani film
Rajendra Talak on Tuesday announced his new film in Marathi and
Hindi which would hit the screens at IFFI 2008, even as he declared his stint
with Konkani cinema-making was over. Addressing a press conference to
announce his new project, Talak informed, “The making of will cost
around Rs 90 lakh and part of the movie will be shot in London. I’ve retained Ashok Patki to do the
music for the film, while Vidyadhar Pathare and Devu Devdhar (cameraman) are
the other names finalised.”

The award-winning director said the shooting for the film, the storyline of
which is based on Internet marriages, will begin in March 2008 and he expects
to wind it up in a month’s time like his earlier projects – Aleesha and
Antarnad. While Aleesha fetched the director a national award, Antarnad, which
was also made in Marathi (Savelee), won him accolades from Maharashtra. He said two Hindi and two Marathi production
houses have evinced keen interest financing In December I will
submit the proposal to the Hindi production houses, he stated. Talak, who
declared his journey into Konkani filmmaking as bad, said, “From now on I will
not make any Konkani cinema on my own, but if the Government invites me to make
a film in the local language I will be there.”

He rued over the fact that the Government had failed to clear the amount (Rs 16
lakh) due to him for his national award-wining film Aleesha, which was
shown at IFFI. Till date I’ve spent Rs 1.35 crore and have been able to
get back Rs 60 lakh.

The director condemned the bureaucrats for moving slow when it came to
processing files pertaining to film finance, even as he lauded Chief Minister’s
recent instructions to do whatever possible for Konkani cinema. “I will request
the CM to set a deadline for bureaucrats to clear all files relating to Konkani
cinema,” he added. Hitting back at critics of the Government scheme
for final assistance for films, Talak said, “There’s no flaw in the scheme and
there has been no favouritism shown towards me for gaining from the scheme.
Milind Mhadgoot and others, instead of making allegations should concentrate on
making good cinema.” He expressed his
displeasure with the film workshops held in the State. “There are absolutely no
follow-ups after these workshops are over. Goans take filmmaking lightly,” he
asserted. Meanwhile, the filmmaker has
announced that those seriously interested in acting can contact him on He was accompanied
by Ketaki Haldipur and Sonali Kalangutkar, who are his assistants in film

T-Bush makes waves in Konkani arena


T-Bush makes waves in Konkani arena

Goa is a land of dramatic contrasts. Sea, greenery, houses, beaches, swaying palms, all so creatibely amalgamated in one. The fascinating atmosp-here has given the artiste in T-Bush a shot in the arm to direct Black Nhesop Atanchem Fashion, a new Konkani film.
T-Bush who had his early teens at St Joseph Convent from Nagoa, Salcette, has been visualising the world around him. Further, at the Goa College of Art, Bush gained a strong input of ideas to see things in a new vision. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, majored in audio-visual from Goa University and to set himself on the road to professionalism, he mastered the art of filmmaking and TV production at London Film School.

Black Nhesop Atanchem Fashion revolves around a musician who is involved in trivial assignments of traditional music. Culture and music means everything to the self-born maestro who just cannot give up on his passion for music. His effort to persuade the young genre to keep the art of living in the face of fading tradition runs to an emotional zenith as the movie unfolds.

Says Bush," I have lived with these ideas for far too long - they show me the path in life. Yet no ideas can hold me in my own prison. I want to create strength out of thin air, it is not an easy task to accomplish but I seek that Power." He too wants to contribute in attempt of giving Goan films their rightful place on the cinema map of the world.

The film’s premiere will be held at Al-Masra Hawally Auditorium, Kuwait on August 10. T-Bush has earlier directed a short film The Letter that won the Best Film at the International Short Film Festival in London recently.

Description: T-BUSH INTERNATIONAL FILMS The First Konkani E-Cinem... T-BUSH INTERNATIONAL FILMS The First Konkani E-Cinema "BLACK" 2008 Producer: T-BUSH Music: Norman Cardoz Lyrics: Braz De Parra Singers: Comedian Philip, Gracy Morais, Maggie & T-BUSH Media Publicity: Gasper Crasto & Gasper Almeida Makeup : Marina D'Souza Project Coordinator : Felix De Merces & Nicholas Rodrigues Promotion Coordinators : Dominic Araujo & Laurie Miranda Cinematographer, Editor, Writer & Director: T-BUSH

Cast: Comedian Philip, Sylvester Vaz, Qeurobina Carvalho, Gracy Morais, Cajetan de Sanvordem, Joseph Rodrigues, Mario de Majorda, Laurent Periera, Francis de Verna, Sunny De Quepem, Simon Gonsalves, Ignatius de Xelvon, Riana Azavedo, Rowla Lewis, Abby Periera, Babit Dourado, Braz De Parra, Salu Faleiro, Domnic Araujo, Manuel de Santa-Cruz, Sandra Fernandes, Marina D'souza, Agnello Fernandes, Albino Lawrence, Cathy de Navelim, Carl Rodrigues, Carmo Santos, Clara Rodrigues, Conchita Cardoz, Diana Rodrigues, Francis Menezes, Gasper Almeida, Helen Pinto, Irene Vaz, Jeremiah Vaz, Joe Fereira, Julio Cardozo, Kevin Vaz, Laurie Miranda, Luis , Mabel, Nasser , Neeta Fernandes, Nelson, Nicholas Rodrigues, Nitin Castelino, Olinda Dias , Philomen, Roullond Fernandes, Sharon Fernandes, Simon Dias, Sisco, Vicky Vaz, Zoro.

Views on 'BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion'

Regarding the movie "BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion" ... it's strange... I really don't understand why our people go on talking... when they don't know a head of tail of the efforts put in by T-bush!

First the hardships put in this... since it was shot in Kuwait... which is not easy... its easy for people to talk sitting on the seats...but we as artistes know the trouble he has gone thru to beg & help for permission for shooting...

It's useles... talking nonsense after nonsense... they said... each one has it's day!.. so why be bad or do bad unto others... never know when if could come back in return!!!

Infact they should have raise T-bush on high pedestal... instead of demotivating him... for the troubles he took...

Anyways its one's life take on each... and where jealousy is there there is worst of it...!

God bless T-Bush and all.

Young artiste - from the 1st Konkani e-cinema "BLACK"
(Name withheld on request)

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Views on 'BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion'

"It is rare that the public sentiment decides immorally or unwisely, and the individual who differs from it ought to distrust and examine well his own opinion." -gaspersWorld
Presenting some of the Views received and reproduced as they are -- unedited !

Congratulations! ! The movie was very well done. I was very impressed with how high you have set the standard for Goan cinema. My family and myself really enjoyed this film.

We wish you all the best in future undertakings of such projects.

Best Regards,

Bosco Leitao
le_boss@mail. com
E-cinema-chi tontrik (technique) upeog korun ek vhodd cinema poddear ‘BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion’ filmachi survat zali tedna prekxokanim talleo marun vosro gazoilo ani oxe toren poilench E-cinema Konknni cholchitran Kuwait-chea desant itihas ghoddoilo.
-Lino Dourado in Aitaracheo Kaskutleo - Goanet

Hey young ‘GOAN HERO’ Congratulations n wish u a happy birthday & God
Bless U.

Dear T-Bush, Congratulations n Happy Birthday to u. Thu movie ws excellent, a class apart from the usual konkani films available. Daddy ws all praise for ur direction. I loved the unusual story. Here's wishing u luck in all your future endeavours. U r an inspiration for all of us, fellow Goans-tht v ordinary, average Goans 2 can have extraordinary dreams; & a will to make thm a reality through hard work.

Congratulations to u. V r proud of ur achievement. Keep up d good work.


Dear T-Bush, MABROOK! great art! Only jealous & abnormal people will create faults to comment about BLACK! BLACK is superb n educative, waiting for more projects

It’s a lovliest day 2day in our life, by d grace of Jesus. Thank u T-Bush including me I will mis u all. -QUEROBINA CARVALHO

Im proud of u th son of India-Goa… Keep up th good work n th Konkani film standard, BLACk is an good exmple 4Goan directors its time thy cme out of nut shell n present unusual story n direction


V wis u D best always.. after a long way. Hope 2c u as an ACE director. God bless u in ur future untaking. Lv Braz n Me. -CYNTHIA RODRIGUES

Hi T-Bush Toni & fly Wish U a very happy Birthday. May U release a new movie on UR birthday every year. Congratulations on your BIG success. Viva -TONI

U r great, ur more thn wht I expected. Th title suits u perfect :Goan Hero: u gav birth 2our mother tongue-Konkani in this Arab World –GREAT FILM keep going..

Totally different, BLACK is Superb! unusual story, marvelous direction, nobody can overcome your directing & editing powers. -RABINDRANATH GONSALVES

BLACK - 1st part is same like constructing a huge tower with different materials and many laborers, 2nd part is the beauty of the huge tower ever built in Konkani History, Great work..
Dear Tibush! Firstly CONGRATS & at last its released with a great success! J Many happy returns of the day, God bless nd all the best, for your new year ahead! Happy Birthday! Loadz of wishes CoSaZeMaJuLu Cardoz. -CONCHITA CARDOZ

Audience including me would hav not release the seat even if th movie ws +3hrs. Not a single person left the auditorium in between the screening! This is th answer to BLACK

CHEERS ! BRAVO ! Amazing job, may God bless u with many more such projects. Always there shahu..
Dear Mr. T – Bush,

I want to congratulate the budding producer-director Mr. T – Bush and his dedicated team who worked tirelessly for a year and a half for creating a world history with the first ever Konkani e-Cinema one of the best ever.
It will be a memorable one with moments of pride and happiness for all our Goans. Great show ! ! !
Your admirer
Aamchi Mumbai
Mrs. Nimia D’Costa

Great movie n all d best for d next one, keep it up. Cheers..
"BLACK is a sweet, just, humane and interesting film that recapitulates the life of a musician in a Goan backdrop of traditions and culture. T-Bush has researched the subject in depth to come up with such a fantastic portrayal."
-Gracy Morais (filmstar)
T-Bush, Konknnichea molar hache poilim konnench ghoddovnk nam ani fuddarakui konnuch ghoddovnk zavchonam toslo itihas tum aiz kuwveitchea
xarant ghoddoita. Porbim tuka. T-bush u r really Great. Tuka ani Tujea “BLACK” cholchitrak Borem ies ani boro fuddar anvddetam. Aiz Kuveittant
hanv Tuje Vangdda Kuddin nam zait, pun khatren monan tori asach. T-Bush Great Going! Carry On! -SALU FERNANDES (ULAS)
Mabrouk for the huge success of “BLACK” a GREAT FILM, may you achieve greater stardom with your future projects (by the way when do we start shooting?)-also wishing you A Happy Birthday, GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS – Mario Janet Jonathan

I never knew tht Kuwt ws so beautiful to shoot Goan senario u r a great director n a technical director 2 (whn u wil release BLACK:2) -PETER RODRIGUES

I liked th 1st part with different faces n th idea of moving th story line without any loss in continuity. It’s Superb! But lost little interest in 1 scene whn the melodrama takes place in 2nd half “Happy Birthday God Bless U”

Braz de Parra - one of the stars of BLACK
Black! A good example to our Goan directors n producers who alwys give importance to professional actors. Evry amateur actor did their roll well enough to take BLACK to International level. -BLANDINO D’SOUZA

No words! BLACK is BLACK no other Director can match with u. go ahead wth ur ideas. I pray for u. -MARIO COELHO

Music & story paid my every cost of watching 2shows, start to end the music ws excellent. Whn u will screen it again? Good luck for next project.
Dear Mr. T-Bush,

My hearthy congratulations to you for the great success of your first ever E-film cinema in Konkani.

Your "BLACK" is of high and international standard. Some of your combined shots of Kuwait and Goa are amazing and unbelievable. Keep it up. You are good in singing too.

My request to you to come up with "BLACK Part II"

Laurie Miranda
E-MAIL: films@t-bush. com

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Joseph Rodrigues - a new star on the Horizon
Riana Azavedo to leave an impact with 'Black'
A Tete-a-Tete with superstar Sylvester Vaz
Stage great Mario de Majorda in a new avatar
Black star Comedian Philip spills the beans
Black: Helen Pinto in a friendly appearance
A Tete-a-Tete with Cajetan Pereira
What makes 'Black' an E-Cinema?
Rowla Lewis: Amazing 'discovery' of BLACK
Crowning of 'Comedy Queen Querobina'
Black: Braz de Parra composes songs with danceable beat riffs
Lead actress of Black - Gracy Morais Speaks
'Black' film shot in Kuwait set for release

Kuwait: First Konkani e-Cinema 'Black' Released
Report & pics by Wilson Saldanha Shirthady/Kuwait
Daijiworld Media Network

Kuwait August 10: Winner of 3 International Awards for his Short Film 'The Letter', Goa born writer-director-Producer T-Bush’s full length, Konkani mega feature film entitled "BLACK NHESOP ATANCHEM FASHION” had its grand release on August 10, 2007 at Al Masrah, Hawally Auditorium, Kuwait. The program started at 4 pm with lighting of traditional lamp by Indian ambassador to Kuwait his Excellency M. Ganapathi, writer-director-Producer T-Bush and Sadashiva Joshi who specially came from Goa for the premier. Both Ganapathi and Sadashiva Joshi spoke about the film and director.

T-Bush was honored by fruits and traditional shawl by ambassador to Kuwait his Excellency M. Ganapathi. Mementos were presented to the artists and sponsors by T-Bush. Vote of thanks was presented by Gracy and program was compered by the actor Sylvester Vaz. The premier was started by opening the curtain by his Excellency M. Ganapathi and T-Bush.

The specialty of film is that it was shot entirely in Kuwait under the banner 'T-Bush International Films'. The film was screened on a wide screen with high quality ‘E-Cinema Technology’ projection which is first time in Konkani.
The movie revolves around a musician who is involved in trivial assignments of traditional music. Culture and music means everything to the self-born maestro who just cannot give up on his passion for music. His effort to persuade the young genre to keep the art living in the face of fading tradition runs to an emotional zenith as the movie unfolds. At the second part it puts light on the sentiments of parents whose children are in Gulf who does not want to visit their motherland.

The premier was a houseful show and to satisfy the excess Konkani movie lovers, a second show was arranged at 8 pm. The event of the day was coordinated by Diany Coutinho and Nitin Castelino.

From Daijiworld Archives:

Kuwait: First Konkani E-Cinema on your Way - BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion

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The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward
making it happen.
Expressions - The Flower Shop (Goa) Email:

Why there isn't a Konkani cinema/Andrew Greno Viegas

Reflected in Water : Writings on Goa/edited by Jerry Pinto. New Delhi, Penguin Books, 2006, xiv, 296 p., (pbk). ISBN 0-14310-081-5.

Contents: Introduction. 1. Konkani folk songs/Jose Pereira and Micael Martins. 2. At Donna Georgina's/William Dalrymple. 3. Misunderstanding Goa/Prabhakar S. Angle. 4. The Goa action/Mankekar and Aparna Mathur. 5. The freedom to choose/Armando Menezes. 6. Goa the unique/Graham Greene. 7. Three lives/Nisha da Cunha. 8. The Chaishop years/David Tomory. 9. From The Voyage of John Huyghen Van Linschoten/John Huyghen Van Linschoten. 10. From Goa and the blue mountains/ Richard F. Burton. 11. Tomb Raider: looking for St Francis Xavier/Naresh Fernandes. 12. At the Ferry Wharf/Ranjit Hoskote. 13. The old crone says: Three Goan death stories/Jerry Pinto, Pria Agni and P. Vel Kumar. 14. The inner and outer life of Goa/Richard Lannoy. 15. From Karma Cola/Gita Mehta. 16. First season in Goa/Cleo Odzer. 17. Outkast D'Souza/Sonia Faleiro. 18. Several views of a visit to Goa/Gerson da Cunha. 19. For Goa and Opium/Teotonia R. de Souza. 20. On the Abbe's Trail/Frederick Noronha. 21. Idyll/Eunice de Souza. 22. From skin/Margaret Mascarenhas. 23. Tiatr: An unlimited engagement/Cynthia Gomes James. 24. Our fate? Why there isn't a Konkani cinema/Andrew Greno Viegas. 25. Old women/Lucio Rodrigues. 26. The man who Swallowed Goa whole/Vivek Menezes. 27. Virtual Goa/Various. 28. From chasing the monsoon/Alexander Frater. 29. The villagers/H.O. Nazareth. 30. Season's greetings/Adil Jussawalla. 31. 'Summertime' in Malkauns/Samita Sinha. 32. Where has all the culture gone?/George Menezes. 33. Rosie's theme/Peter Nazareth. 34. Estado da India/R. Parthasarathy. 35. Everything you ever wanted to know about Feni but were too drunk to ask/Frank Simoes. 36. No blood in the snake oil/Antoine Lewis. 37. The Goan bread vendor/Laxmanrao Sardessai. 38. Luis De Camoens/Santan Rodrigues. 39. Old wall/Jerry Pinto. 40. Catarina and her followers/Mario Cabral e Sa. 41. Stills from Baga beach/Manohar Shetty. 42. The temples in the valley/Manohar Malgonkar. 43. When an ass mounts a cow/Pundalik Naik. 44. Keeping the faith/Maria Aurora Couto. Notes on contributors. Copyright acknowledgements.

"Described variously as the Kashi of the South, the Rome of the east and the pearl of the orient, Goa, located on the west coast of India, is renowned for its scenic charm, its beaches, and the architectural splendour of its temple, churches and old houses. With its sun-sand-surf leitmotif it is also the land of the lotus-eater, a tourist's paradise of fun and frolic, raves and revelry. But Goa is more than just the world's favourite holiday destination. Its unique history, shaped by the various dynasties that ruled it--the Rashtrakutas, the Kadambas and the Bahmani Muslims, before its 450-year-long occupation by the Portuguese from 1510--has given it a distinctive flavour, a different rhythm, an easy cosmopolitanism.

Reflected in Water is a collection of essays, poems, stories and extracts from published works that bring to life both the natural beauty and the changing social and political ethos of India's smallest state. From Mario Cabral e Sa's delightful take on the earliest Portuguese women to come to India to Gita Mehta's description of hippies at Calangute, from Alexander Frater's mesmerizing account of Goa in the monsoon to Manohar Malgonkar's ode to the Mangeshi temple, this anthology celebrates the irreverent and the sacred in equal measure." (jacket)

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Goa government's support helps Konkani filmmakers

Goa government's support helps Konkani filmmakers: Talak
Story By: Team updated on: 01/12/08

Mumbai: "A very efficient and effective credit system for filmmakers has been implemented by the Government of Goa, which is reducing primary financial burden for filmmakers," said producer and director of Konkani film Rajendra Talak.

He was referring to a 50% credit that the Government of Goa provides at the time of completion of primary work. A fourth is given after labs, music and screening; and at the end of submission of film for certification a last installment is disbursed. "This helps new filmmakers to complete a film", said the director.

He said that explores the concept of love. Love is a universal phenomenon and this makes the film's appeal transcend the language barrier. "The power of love is held within each one of us every moment and it rises to higher truth when we recognize our oneness, wholeness and interconnectedness", said Talak.

Music director Ashok Patki said that he always takes new themes and implements them in new films, which gives good results. Aniket Vishwasrao, actor of the film, said that it was a challenge to work for a movie in an alien language.

Talak said that it is important for filmmakers to come out to make films in Konkani. The initial years will require government support but he was hopeful that very soon the industry will find its mooring and do away with the need for support. He requested new filmmakers to join the efforts.

Now, Jesus speaks Konkani

Now, Jesus speaks Konkani

A 1979 Warner Brothers film, based on the gospel of St Luke, has now been dubbed into Konkani. This is an important milestone in the chequered history of Konkani films. In the last four decades, 15 Konkani films have been made in three dialects of the language, which are specific to different communities and different geographical locations. MICHAEL PATRAO takes an overview of the industry

With the dubbing of the film Jesus in Konkani, a new dimension has been added to the saga of Konkani films.

Jesus, based on the gospel of St Luke, was first released by Warner Brothers in 1979 and produced by John Heyman. The film has been dubbed in a number of languages, Konkani being the latest. The Konkani version was premiered at the city of Mangalore recently.

Konkani films have a chequered history and over the past four decades only 15 films have been produced with varying degrees of success.

Konkani has different dialects. While 10 of the 15 films were in the Goan Konkani dialect and came from Goa, three films are in the Mangalore Catholic dialect and two more in the Saraswat dialect.

The earliest films in Konkani were made in Goa, the subject matter being social themes, religious beliefs, triumph of good over evil, trials and tribulations of the common man and the like.

One of the striking features of these films, indeed of all Konkani films, is the melodious music. Be it the Portuguese fado-inspired sad songs or the mando and baila inspired dance songs, they never failed to move the audience. Most of the artistes in the film had a theatre background and all the early films were in black and white. The Konkani films from Goa, produced over the last four decades, include Mogacho Avando, Sukhache Sopan (both directed by Jerry Braganza), Amchem Noxib, Nirmon and Moji Ghorkarn all directed by A Salum, Curtubacho Sounsar directed by Albert da Britona Jivit Amchem Osem and Boglant both directed by Prem Kumar, and Jait, a telefilm directed by Sridhar Bandolkar. Bhuyarantlo Munis (The man from the cave), a Konkani colour film released in the Eighties, was a potboiler in the mould of Hindi films. Perhaps, the only highlight of the film was a medley (baila) comprising folk and popular songs towards the climax. Nevertheless the film was patronised by the die-hard fans of the Konkani language.

Mangalore, which has a sizeable number of Konkani speaking people, made a surprisingly late entry into Konkani films and to date, only three films have been made here.

Teesri Cheet, a film made in the Seventies by Peter Gonsalves, with story and music by the wellknown Konkani composer and singer Wilfy Rebimbus, did not do well. Technical flaws and the fact that the film was made in black and white in 35 mm at a time when colour films was the rule rather than the exception led to its failure. Mogani Moipas, a film made in the Eighties in colour was technically much superior to its predecessor.

Although the story itself was average, the highlight of the film was melodious music scored once again by the ‘Konkan Night ingale’ Wilfy Rebimbus.

Director-Producer Dr Richard Castetino ventured into making Konkani film only after the success of his Tutu film, Bangar Patter.

His Konkani film Boksane (which translates to ‘Forgiveness’) was on a social theme. This Rs 25 lakh production was about a joint family in the Konkani Catholic community and dealt with the conflict between two brothers. Given the economics of making Konkani film, the film was fairly’ successful. Above average technical cal finesse, music by Wilfy Rebimbus, beautiful locales o coastal Karnataka and Andamans contributed to the success of this film.

Tapaswini made by the Konkan speaking Saraswats was a film it a class of its own. Rekha Mavinkurve played the title role and stole the hearts of the viewers K Srinivas Bhat’s role as the wicked postman showcased his versatility as an actor.

Some of the well known names in the Saraswat community formed the cast of the film: B V Baliga (who later became the President ol Konkani Sahitya Academy), S R Balgopal, H V Kamath, V Mangesh Bhat, Dinesh Prabhu, C Upendra Kamath, H Surendra Kamath, R M Kamath, Dr M S Nayak, Sadananda Mallya, K Anantha Bhat, Mohandas Pai and Gokuldas Pai.

It may be significant to note here that a number of Konkani speaking people have contributed to the Indian cinema other than Konkani cinema.

The most notable among them is, of course, the late Guru Dutt, who made a mark with films like Pyasa, Kagaz ke phool and such others.

Others include famous director Shyam Benegal, Jnanpeeth award- winning playwright Girish Karnad, actor turned minister Anant Nag and the late Shankar Nag.

Peter Pereira is a popular Hindi film cinematographer. In recent times Mulki-born Lawrence D’Souza, who shot into limelight with his directoriat debut Saajan, has subsequently directed a number of films.

Now, Jesus speaks Konkani

Clipping (49kbs) - Deccan Herald, 02-05-1999. By Michael Patrao


pollounk anink-ek sondhi (Novembrachea 30ver, 2007)

Konkanicho bhauto voir ubarunk Kuwait ani Gulf-ak vosti korpi Goenkar soddanch fuddem. Ani hanttunt matui dubhav nam.

Kuwait-ak website team hannim 1994 vorsa poilench Goenchem website ani toxench Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter (kobrampotr)
toair kel’lem. Ani aiz tancho moladik vavr amchea Tiatristank, Konknni mogiank, borovpeank, kovi, Goenchea NGOs, teach porrim hozaranim vachpeank folladik ani upeogik zala.

2000 vorsa poilem “Konkani International Music Station Online” suru kel’lem. Aiz, amchea nove toxech adlea khallavelea Kantorist-anchim gitam, zaum Goenchea vo Mangalore-che aikunch nhoinch fokot Gulf ani Goem, punn Europe-ak ani America-ek porian aslelea Konkani songit aikopeank dadhos korta!

Fattlea 20 tem 25 vorsam bhitor, khupxeo Kuwait-ak ani Gulf dhesanim sonvsthanim Konkani fullounk, fankarunk ani proskarunk bhouch nett kela. Khaim zonn iesvont zaleat zalear thoddeanim aplea thaim ghoddta tea promonnem avoi-bhaxeachi seva kelam. Zaum te Konkani tiatr, ek-ankhi nattkulim ani spordha, songit kariavoll ani spordha, Konkani songit-cholchitr VCD toiar korun, bospagari tiatristank mozut, adi, adi. Tust-tokhannai khorun sangpachem mhunnlear Kuwait-chea Konkani rong machier (palkar) haddlealea dor ek tiatr-ak vo Konkani kariavollik ek tori Konkani audio vo video album-anchi ugtavnnim ani vikri zalea. Kuwait-chea Konkani mogianim amchea avoi-bhasechi udorgott zavunk amche tholave (local) tiatristank favo to adhar dila ani sovokar di-it asat. website team-in hea vavr-ak borpur tenko dila ani di-it asat.

Kuwait-an aslele nanv voste Goenchea ani Mungllurche kolakarank ghevn, novi tontrvidea-cheo (technology) upeog korun, ontor-rastrik inama favo zalolo Bab T-Bush, ghavant Verna-cho, nove poddotin toair kel’lem poilem Konkani-e-cinema “BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion” film, India-cho Rajdutt Shri Madhusudan Ganapati hanchea hattantlean Agostachea 2007 mhoinneant poili ugtavnni (premiere show) korun, pordhesi dhesant Konkanni chol-chitracho itihas rochpan ailo. Ugtavne velar namneche Goenkar, Mungllur-Karwarkar Konkani mogiancho aspav aslo. Ek-ach disa don priog (shows) korchea poddlea. Xabas T-Bush, tumchi kola oddik fankarum.

Sogglea vattanim xebaski zoddun ghetlelem hem Konkani film “BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion” ani ek pavttim chalu mhoinenachea 30ver, Sunkara dis, sanjechea justuch 3:00 horancher Hawally A.C. Auditorium (hollant) dakhoupant ietlem.
Konkani mogianim he ek bori sondhi chukounk favo nam.

“BLACK” Konkani-e-cinema poddotichem chol-chitrant bhumika kel’lea dor ek kolakorank, songitkarank, kantorist-ank xebaski ditanam boroinar-digdorspi-cinematographer-sompadpi Bab T-BUSH hankam ani tanchea sangati kharbareank Konkani mogianchea nanvant ami un-unit porbim ditat. T-Bush Films International herai dhesan-chea Konkani mogiank hem "BLACK" Konkani film pollounk priotn kortoleat.

Ami sogglea Konkani mogianchea nanvant hea Konkani film-ant vantto ghetoleank ani karbareank borem ies aunddeatat. Tor toiar ravat ekea novea poddotin toair kelolem Konkani film poloupak.

T-BUSH FILMS INTERNATIONAL ani tanchea sangati karbareank amchim un-unit borpim.

Ulysses Menezes ani sangati

- gaspar almeida


Dhor Aitarak Vachunk Visronaka

Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter
Supporting Tiatr & Tiatrists since 1994!


Konkani Cinema Day 2005

Konkani Cinema Day

The Konkani cinema producers on April 24, 2005 urged the state government to provide all financial assistance to produce standard Konkani films and appealed to the people to promote Konkani films by patronising them. They also urged the government to provide a special slot for screening Konkani films during the ensuing IFFI 2005 and decided to make a documentation of all Konkani films produced till date and preserve it for posterity. Participating in the Konkani Cinema Day (Konknni Cholchitr Dis) organised by the Dalgado Konknni Akademi at the TB Cunha hall, Panaji, producer Rico Rod, chief guest, narrated the difficulties by him while producing Konkani films. Another producer Rajendra Talak pointed out that during the last 55 years there was a gap and no good Konkani films could be produced. On the occasion, the portrait of Al Jerry Braganza, who is regarded as the father of the Konkani cinema, was garlanded.

Why Konkani cinema gets viewed with one eye ...

Why Konkani cinema gets viewed with one eye ...
... or, why Goa needs to build itself as a better destination for culture

By Tomazinho Cardozo
13 Jun 2005

In November 2004, Goans witnessed one of their region's greatest cultural
bonanza, the International Film Festival of India in Panjim. I call it a
cultural bonanza because it involved the screening of films in four to five
theatres and showcasing of Goa's culture right from the Dempo House to
Miramar beach.

If about 1500 delegates witnessed the films, over 25000 people enjoyed the
cultural programs presented on the Mandovi riverfront every day. On specific
days, the audience crossed 50,000. Throughout the nine days programs,
thousands of Goan artistes performed and a few hundred thousands of Goans
enjoyed. However, dissenting voices are being heard about its continuance in
Goa this year. Whether IFFI should or should not be once again organized is
a very serious matter.

Although it is 55 years now since the first Konkani Film 'Mogacho
Anvddo' was produced by AL Jerry Braganza, Konkani cinema has not
seen bright days till date -- with few exceptions such as films like
'Amchem Noxib' and 'Nirmonn'. There are various reasons for this
state of Konkani Cinema. Goa has communal harmony but no cultural
harmony. It is evident from the fact that a Konkani 'Nattok' is
overwhelmingly witnessed by Hindus while a Konkani 'Tiatr' is
patronized by Christians. Commercially, the 'Tiatr' is very
successful as each 'Tiatr' completes hundreds of shows, and that too
with priced tickets for entry.

The same does not take place in case of 'Nattoks'. The audience of Konkani
cinema is also the same. It is due to this reason that Konkani cinema has
adversely suffered in the past, and continues to suffer even today. Recent
examples being Konkani films like 'Aleesha' and 'Sood'.

However, if you take for example a Hindi Cinema, both of Goa's major
communities enjoy it without any hesitation. That would suggest that an
experiment of the type of a Hindi cinema in Konkani is needed, in order to
make Konkani Cinema commercially viable. It is time to gear our efforts in
that direction. In view of this, the continuation of the IFFI in Goa
acquires more importance. By organizing the IFFI one thing is sure: Goa will
not lose anything, on the contrary, it will gain something.

As an artiste from the cultural field, I am of the strong opinion
that the IFFI should continue to be organized in Goa. The question
whether the festival should continue here or not; that should have
been asked before the infrastructure was created. Crores of rupees
have already been spent on the development of infrastructure of an
international standard. Now it is time to get the benefit out of
that expenditure. In what way will it harm Goa if IFFI is continued
to be organized here? And what benefit would Goa get if IFFI is not
organized here this year? I think we should not look at IFFI through
the prism of politics. Instead, today, we should concentrate on
finding ways and means to organize it in a better way.

Last year, the IFFI was organized in Goa for the first time. There must have
been many mistakes committed by the organizers, as it was their maiden
venture. Even I brought to the notice of the then chief minister, Manohar
Parrikar, certain glaring blunders in the planning of the presentation of
Goa's culture during IFFI. The chief minister rectified the mistakes
immediately. However such mistakes should not be intentional, because the
communal harmony prevailing in Goa should be protected, preserved and
promoted under any circumstances. And this can be achieved by giving due
representation to cultural aspects of all communities of people.

Organization of an event like IFFI, I feel, does not require staging of
cultural programs as it was done last year, although it attracts the
involvement of more people. However, the screening of films in various parts
of Goa, like last year, may be continued. Emphasis should be laid on
obtaining copies of old Konkani films and screening them during the festival
in a special slot. This is not done anywhere in the world where
international film festivals are organized but let it be the uniqueness of
IFFI in Goa. Continuation of IFFI in Goa, besides numerous other benefits,
will definitely help in strengthening the film culture in Goa.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tomazinho Cardozo, besides being a politician (and former
Speaker of the Goa assembly), has long been associated with the field of
Konkani culture. He is known for the plays he has staged, and a vast number
of other popular cultural products he has catalysed over the last three


Konkani film "Atancheo Sunneo"

Konkani Films

Konkani film 'Ghor Sounsar"

Premiere of Ghor Sounsar

Machi Mogi, Santa Cruz, will release their Konkani film Ghor Sounsar on Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 7 pm at Santa Cruz Church Square.

The film is based on modern family set up, their attempts to meet both ends
with name, fame and luxuries of life, even as the neglect of their family bonds.

Cinematography and screenplay is by Dnyanesh Moghe.
Story, dialogues, lyrics and direction are by Menino Mario Araujo.

[ WEEKENDER - Gomantak Times ]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Konkani film "Suzanne"

Name of the film: Suzanne

Direction: Ajit Sinha (1982)

Production: Ajit Sinha

Music: Enoch Daniels

Artiste 1: A.K. Hangal
Artiste 2: Neelam Mehra
Artiste 3: Sachdev

Language: Konkani

Konkani film "Tapaswini"

Name of the film: Tapaswini

Direction: M.G. Mayak (1980)

Production: Chitra Vetha Saunstha

Artiste 1: Rekha Mavinkurve
Artiste 2: B.V. Baliga Artiste
3: K. Shrinivas Bhat

Language: Konkani

Konkani film "Sant Francis Xavier"

Name of the film: Sant Francis Xavier

Name of the film: Sant Francis Xavier

Direction: AL Jerry Braganza (1952)

Production: AL Jerry Braganza

Language: Konkani

Konkani film "Sukhachem Sopon"

Name of the film: Sukhachem Sopon

Name of the film: Sukhachem Sopon
Direction: AL Jerry Braganza (1967)

Production: AL Jerry Braganza

Music: M. Alphonso
Artiste 1: AL Jerry Braganza
Artiste 2: Antonette
Artiste 3: Souza Ferrao

Language: Konkani

Konkani film "Oh Bai"

Konkani film " Oh Bai "

Name of the film: Oh Bai Direction: Neeta Jain-Duhaut (1983)
Music: Xavier Peres
Artiste 1: Dynanesh Moghe
Language: Konkani

Konkani film "Jeevanacho Khell"

Jeevanacho Khell

Konkani film "Contubancho Sounsar"

Contubancho Sounsar

Name of the film: Contubancho Sounsar

Direction: Ravindra Vyas (1970)

Production: Albert De Britona Music: M. Alphonso

Artiste 1: Fatima
Artiste 2: Seby
Artiste 3: Albert

Language: Konkani

Konkani film "Amchem Noxib"

Konkani Song _ Mando Goemcho
Rita Lobo and friends from Amchem Noxib

Konkani Song Mando Goemcho
Rita Lobo and friends from Amchem Noxib...goa konkani music

Mando Goemcho _ Kareoki
Originally from the film Amchem Noxib

Konkani film "Mogachi Zhor" (Fountain of Love)

MOGACHI ZHOR launch in Sept

PANJIM, May 15:

Muhurat of "Mogachi Zhor" (Fountain of Love), a Konkani movie, was held on 35 mm celluloid at Our Lady of Rosary Parish Centre, Navelim, recently. The film is the seventh venture of BV Films Productions, Goa. "Mogachi Zhor" is written and produced by Socorrinha D'Costa of Dumiana Niagara Motion Pictures Inc, USA, under the banner of NV Films.

Forty per cent of the film shooting will be done in Goa and the remaining at Niagara Falls, USA. The film is directed by Bonifacio Dias and assisted by Chief Assistant Director Joe Rose. This film, which will be the first Goan film in the international film market to circulate in countries like UK, Gulf, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada and Portugal, will be released on September 8, 2006.


Konkani film "Roddonaka"

Prince Jacob's new film "Roddonaka"

MARGAO: "Roddonaka", the second Konkani movie being directed by well known tiatrist Prince Jacob promises to be as engrossing as the previous one "Padri", with a strong social message. The muhurat ceremony of the movie was launched yesterday by GPCC president Ravi Naik at Bruno Bungalow, Borda, Margao. Prince Jacob said, "The movie being produced by Suresh Sinari of VP Sinari & Sons at a budget of Rs.9 lakh, will be shot at scenic locales in the stake like Agassaim, Mapusa, Panjim, besides Margao." Prince Jacob, who has also written the dialogues and lyrics for the film, remarked that "Roddonaka" would effectively depict the trauma that a victim of rape undergoes and how she fights her struggle to live in society." The cast would consist of Annie Quadros, Humbert, Mark, Rosario, Jacinto, Daniel, Justino besides Jacob himself. Music has been composed by Pravin Naik and Siddhanath Buyao, the tunes are by Wilfy Rebimbus with playback singing by Neffie Rod, Akshada, Jacob-Humbert and Shakil. He said that his previous venture "Padri" went on to create a record for the fledgling Konkani cinema industry by staging 450- shows in the state besides attracting packed audiences in Bangalore, Mangalore, Delhi and Bahrain.

[Gomantak Times]

Konkani Film "Don Rupam"

Konkani Film "Don Rupam"

Konkani film "Faxi"

Konkani films including "Boglantt" and "Faxi".

Konkani film "Boglantt"

Konkani films including "Boglantt" and "Faxi".

Freddy Barboza no more
PARRA: Veteran tiatrist Freddy Barboza passed away in Parra, Goa, on December 28 at 78 years of age. He leaves behind his wife, Benny, four daughters, a son, 11 grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. Actor, composer and lyricist in Konkani tiatr in Bombay, Freddy Barboza retired in Goa 18 years ago. He has been an inspiration to many younger singers and actors of Konkani stage. He owned Fredrick Travels in the 1970’s and 1980’s in Bombay, from where he recruited people to work in the Gulf. He also owned a Car Rental Company. Besides having a full-time business, his love for Konkani never ceased. He dedicated most of his spare time acting in Konkani dramas, composing Konkani songs, writing lyrics and producing two music cassettes in the early 1990’s, titled 'Juliana' and 'Maria' which were big hits.
He also acted in a couple of Konkani films including "Boglantt" and "Faxi". The funeral service was held on December 29 morning at St Anne’s Church in Parra where the parish priest and his assistant praised Barboza for his simplicity and generosity.

Konkani film "Mogacho Anvddo"

Konkani Film Day

PANJIM: Konkani Film Day will be celebrated on April 24 at 5 pm at the Art Gallery of Institute Menezes Braganza, Panjim, to commemorate the screening of the first Konkani film "Mogacho Anvddo". The first full length Konkani movie was released on April 24, 1950, and was produced and directed by Jerry Braganza, a native of Mapusa, under the banner of Etica Pictures.

[Gomatak Times]

Konkani film "Bogsanhe"

Denzil Pereira

Hailing from Attavar, Denzil has been a Baila dancer for Eric Ozario's group in the past. He has been done several stage shows and also acted in Richard Castelino's Bogsanhe. In SMS 6260, he plays the comedy character of Shetty, a canteen owner in the call center organization. He speaks Tulu in the film, with a bit of English and Kannada thrown in for good measure. He and Amithanand, the gay character in the film have a number of tit for tat conversations

Reema Lagoo in a Konkani film

Nothing iffy about IFFI


IFFI-2006 is likely to have a positive effect on local cinema in Goa.

A FILLIP Reema Lagoo in a Konkani film shown at the just-concluded IFFI.

With three consecutive editions of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) under its belt, Goais steadily catching up with the film culture. The biggest beneficiary has been the State's nascent Konkani film industry. Directors, artistes, musicians, writers et al from Goa's well developed Marathi-Konkani stage as well as from the traditional "Tiatro" are gaining from the exposure IFFI is giving them to the quality world cinema, to the different facets like the art of story-telling and technological advances.

Says Pundalik Naik, the Sahitya Akademi award winning writer in Konkani, "Thanks to IFFI, our writers and directors are getting to see the uncensored international films for the last three years. We are learning a lot in terms of new subjects for cinema and the skills to treat them professionally. Our people are also benefiting from the interactions with the national and international level film producers, directors and artistes." A scriptwriter and director of a couple of Konkani films himself, Naik, President of Goa Konkani Academy, says, "The benefits will percolate down in near future."

The Konkani film industry has its inherent handicap in the form of a very narrow audience base. Moreover, people speaking Konkani are spread in only three or four states and that makes films financially unviable. Sandesh Prabhusdesai, Editor of Goa's Konkani language daily, Sunaparant and a TV anchor in Konkani, is a strong believer in IFFI's capacity to revive the Goan film industry.

Narrow base

"We have a narrow viewership base but the solution is definitely on its way. Taking inspiration from the IFFI, the Goa Government has started holding a Goa Konkani film festival for the last two years. They would do well to widen its base by calling it an all India Konkani film festival. That way they can bring together Mangalore Konkani film producers and producers from Mumbai where a large section of Goans reside," he says.

For Konkani filmmakers, lack of screening facilities has been the biggest handicap. Kala Academy, Goa's popular centre for art, culture and music, which has been the main venue for IFFI for the last three years, has taken up several projects ostensibly inspired by the Festival.

"IFFI has enhanced our film-related infrastructure in a big way," says the Academy's Member Secretary Pandurang Phaldesai, a reputed artiste and film director. Now we offer a free screening hall for 950 people, or a jury room or the plasma TV facility depending on their need," he says.

"We organised Adoor Gopalkrishnan's film festival followed by a children's film festival after last year's IFFI. Next month we would have a children's film festival again. All this means a great exposure to different cinema to the local film industry people," feels Phaldesai.

Besides, following demand from local film producers, Kala Academy has implemented a scheme to allot its campus and infrastructure for film shooting to local producers and directors at 50 per cent concession. Its screening halls are offered free of charge for premiers.

The State Government's entertainment wing, The Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) was born thanks to IFFI. Recently, the Government designated ESG as a "single window clearance authority for all film related activities. The local filmmakers are lining up to take advantage, says Dnyanesh Moghe of Vinsan Graphic Production, a local film-producing unit.

"The first IFFI in Goa itself witnessed two Konkani film premiers. This had happened after 25 years since the last Konkani celluloid film was made. The second IFFI and IFFI this year saw one premier each of Konkani films," says Moghe. Interestingly, the State Government's Directorate of Art and Culture swung into action ahead of IFFI this year to take up several film related projects which would show results in years to come. There was a film appreciation workshop where experts like Parvathi Menon and Saied Mirza guided people how to watch quality films. Then there was a film-making course under the guidance of experts followed by actual short film making competition at IFFI for local talent which got as many as 52 entries with scripts for making a film of two to six minutes duration. Sixteen selected contestants actually made films which were judged by a panel led by filmmaker Jabbar Patel.

Also, a lot of film clubs are coming up. Goa International Centre, in association with a film club Moving Images, has been regularly screening quality international films. The membership of the Club is on the rise, says Moghe. Many though do not agree that Goa lacks a film culture. Says Prabnhudesai, "If that was so, then a large number of Goans would not have migrated to Mumbai film industry to earn name and fame in film music, cinematography, acting et al."With the IFFI, indications are that Goa is now generating more opportunities for film related talent in all fields. An international project on animation centre with postproduction facilities is on the anvil. The State has already okayed 25 acres of land for the purpose. "Considering the market constraints, Konkani filmmakers cannot afford to spend Rs.50 lakh on a good film. But the trend of making short films, digital films and documentaries in Konkani is fast catching up," says the maker of Konkani film "Antarnaad", Rajendra Talak . The 49-year-old real estate developer-turned-filmmaker premiered his two Konkani films at the last two festivals.

In association with Mangalore and Mumbai-based filmmakers, the Konkani film industry had produced around 50 odd films beginning from 1950 when the first Konkani film "Mogacho Avando" was made. But the last film came in 1975 "Bhuyarantlo Monis" and there was a big lull till the next celluloid film hit the IFFI screen in 2004 in the form of Talak's "Aalishya".

Talak believes that IFFI is imbibing the message about requisite standard among Konkani filmmakers. "The days of amateurish initiatives are gone, industry will have to come out with good films with a universal reach and not just entertainers," he says.

Moreover, Talak feels that IFFI has opened a window of opportunities for a local filmmaker like him. Because of IFFI last year he could go for national film competition in which his film "Aleesha" got the best Konkani film award. "Not only that, it is because of the platform now available to us that we are able to reach out to the people beyond Goa. We are getting huge exposure and the outcome is in terms of invites we get for film screening at various festivals," he says. His last film was screened at international festivals at Pune, Mumbai and Berlin.

He also credits IFFI for the State Government's innovative scheme for filmmaking. The scheme, unveiled a few months back, has lined up 10 proposals for cellular films in Konkani and eight in Marathi for financial and other support. So, go behind the allegations of mismanagement and bungling. With all its drawbacks, IFFI has had a positive effect on Goan cinema.

18 December 2006

Konkani film "KAZARA UPRANTH"

Meena Rebimbus sang for Konkani films "Kazara Upranth", "Mog ani Moipas", "Bogsane" and "Padri"

Meena Rebimbus

Behind every successful man, there is a woman, and behind every successful woman, there is a man! Comparing to men, there are very few female singers who are famous in Mangalore and for that matter throughout India. There is only one who has been singing for the past 42 years in the same group and has been a talk of the town in Konkani music in every Mangalorean household worldwide. She is warm, very simple, extremely down to earth, always smiling. She is none other than our well known "Konkan Myna", "Konkani Podanchi Rani" - Meena Gratia Rebimbus.

From a very small age Meena had an excellent talent for Singing. In her early days, she used to sing Hindi numbers and as the days passed by; people recognized her singing talent and gave her an opportunity to sing for the Konkani & Tulu Plays, which were staged in the neighborhood.

In the Sixties Meena took part in various categories including solo, duet, and group in the inter parish singing competitions, which were organized by Konkani Natak Sabha Mangalore, and had won many prizes for her Parish. Jeppu parish had won many trophies, mostly were first place. However, the Silver Jubilee year of the Konkani Natak Sabha, Meena won first place for the song – “Nehrucho Ugdas’. Also, Meena together with Wilfy, won first places in Duet and Group in both male and female categories. Hence Jeppu Parish won the permanent Trophy with 33 points while the parish which got 2nd place secured only 11 points. This was before the introduction of Wifly Nites.

In 1963, for the first time, she got an opportunity to sing with Wilfy Rebimbus for his Music Party “United Youngsters”. This was on the occasion of his Konkani Play “Doth Maka Naka”. It was the beginning of her singing with Wilfy, and since then she has been the back bone of Wilfy Nites for 42 years.

In the early days, it was not common for girls to perform on stage. Even if the girls were talented, their elders would strongly oppose them; giving a reason that later they would have to face problems in getting a good proposal.

In 1963, when Wilfy was in search of a female singer for his group, he approached Meena’s elders, and with great difficulty she used to get permission. This was only because her aunt knew Wilfy’s Parents. She was always accompanied by her mom or aunt if the program were outside their parish.

In 1966, there was a Big Show coming up in Bombay and Meena’s aunt refused to give her permission to participate in this show. Wilfy took this opportunity and satisfied his heart desire by extending his hand to marry Meena. It was a double joy for Meena to attend and participate in the show in Bombay and marry a person who gave a boost to her singing and nurtured her talents very much.

Finally, on January 25, 1970, Wilfy and Meena were united in the sacrament of Matrimony. They are blessed with two Children Veena (1971) & Vishwas (1978). Both of them have given their stage performances at a very small age. Veena’s song ‘Muji Mummy’ has been recorded by the HMV when she was 5 years old. Vishwas' first song is “Chandamama” and his first recorded song is – “Mog Zaina Matharo.” Ever since then they have been performing in almost all of the Wilfy Nites.

Veena is married to Arthur Pais, they are settled in Doha Qatar with 2 children Arvin and Anna. Vishwas was working in Kuwait for few years; recently he has come down to Mangalore and is pursuing his MBA studies. His desire is to stay with his parents and carry on singing. From 1963 to 1970, Meena has performed in all musical plays whether they were songs connected to the play or outside songs, she sang solos & duets with Wilfy Rebimbus.

Meena is the one and only daughter of Late Baptist Pinto and Late Mary Pinto of St. Joseph Nagar, Jeppu, born on November 21, 1946. Her birth name is Mural Gatia Pinto and was lovingly called as Meena at home. Later on her husband, “Konkan Kogul”, Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus, permanently changed her name to Meena in all records.

Her father was a popular singer & also a well-known Guitarist. He used to tutor people with his guitar skills. He has also composed many songs to his credit. He played an active role during the Second World War. When Meena was just 9 years old, he was called to serve in the country and never returned. Her Aunt Mrs. Lucy Rosario, who was the elder sister of her mom, gave helping hand in raising Meena.

Then, began the Era of “Wilfy Nites” from 1971, and so far she has performed in all 231 Nites. These nites covered all the places in and around Dakshina Kannada, Honnavar, Shirshi, Karwar, Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore, Mysore and Delhi. In the Middle East - Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Kuwait and the latest performance in Canada.

She has also composed many songs. To name a few popular ones -“Nach tuka eatha ter nach Moga “ “Ya Sounsaranth”, and “Asha ”. Delhi & Bangalore Doordarshan & Akashavani Mangalore has telecasted her performance.

Meena is a very devoted person and attends the first mass at 5.45 am and leads the choir in Jeppu parish daily, except during out of town shows. This has become a routine for her she says. Her melodious voice truly adds a zing in the choir. Whatever we have achieved is only because of God's blessings on our family. HE has always protected and blessed us in every way she says. Meena has strong faith in St. Joseph the patron of Jeppu parish. Every program Meena and Wilfy begin in the name of Jesus through St. Joseph. Meena says that it's their duty to praise and thank Him for his blessings showered upon them. So, whenever she's in Mangalore, without fail she attends the first mass and praises God. Meena is an active member of Jeppu Choir for the past 30 years. She also loves cooking and gardening.

Meena shares with, one of her memorable childhood memories – She was only 15 years old when she started singing with Wilfy Rebimbus, during that time most of the composers where using popular Hindi tunes for their Konkani songs. However, Wilfy had started a new trend of composing songs using his own tunes. Meena was very fond of Hindi movies, especially the songs. She would watch the movies for the sake of learning the songs and then sing them for any occasion, this was her hobby.

Wilfy had composed some new songs for a play and one of the songs was 'Vrindavananth sugandh ubtha thand vare valthana'. This was a duet and Meena was called for the practice. After Wilfy trained her, she asked a common friend to find out from Wilfy about the movie from which he had taken the tune so that she could watch that movie and also learn the original version of the song. When Wilfy heard this he got very furious as it was his original tune and Meena thought this was a copy from one of the Hindi song. He shouted at her and then Meena never dared ask him anything.

For her contribution towards Konkani Music, she has been felicitated with the following titles:

1984 - “Konkan Myna” From Benar Production & also a Gold Medal
1996 - “Konkanni Podanchi Rani “ From Broad View , Kala Sampath Lions Club Illinois.
1999 - “Shatamananthli Adarsh Potin ” from Chintpachi Manchi Kuwait
1999 - “Life time Achievement Award” from MCC, Association Doha Qatar
2003 - Felicitated by Kuwait Farwania Friends Circle.
From 17 years of age till date, Meena has sang more than 2000 songs, performed in 231 Wilfy Nites, sang as a background singer for more than 300 plays, and sang for Wilfy’s 37 Cassettes & 6 Devotional Cassettes.

Meena's songs are selected for the 3 Discs produced By HMV, and have been telecasted in Bangalore and Delhi Doordarshan, as well as auditioned artist of Akashvani Mangalore.

She also sang for the following films:

1977 - Mog ani Moipas
1988 - Kazara Upranth
1986 - Bogsane
2005 - Padri

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‘Man Beyond the Bridge´, a Konkani film

NFDC has recently launched ‘Man Beyond the Bridge´, a Konkani film by Laxmikant Shetgaonkar, ‘Bubble gum´, a Hindi film by Sanjeevan Lal and ‘Parichay´, a Rajasthani film by Seema Kapoor


Panaji: Armed with a budget of Rs30 crore for the next five years in the 11th Plan the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) has embarked on a mission of script development and is focussing on production of atleast five films a year.
“NFDC has recently launched ‘Man Beyond the Bridge´, a Konkani film directed by Laxmikant Shetgaonkar, ‘Bubble gum´, a Hindi film directed by Sanjeevan Lal and ‘Parichay´, a Rajasthani film by Seema Kapoor,” said Nina Lath Gupta, Managing Director of NFDC at the launch of the four-day Film Bazaar, on the sidelines of the 39th IFFI.
She said that the number of films to be produced will depend on the quality of scripts adding: “We cannot afford to comprise on that aspect.”
‘White Elephant´ is ready for a 2009 release while ‘Lucky Red Seeds´ in Malyalam is under production. ‘Bioscope´ was premiered at the Osians film festival in Delhi.
Gupta agreed that distribution of NFDC films was a challenge.
“The challenge is more when off beat films are concerned,” she added.
Gupta said that she had no magic solution and NFDC was working on distribution strategies.
“We can’t apply the same parameters to all films,” she said.
To a question on the response to last year’s ‘Film Bazaar´, Gupta said that the market has been useful in business terms and that no deals are done on the spot and takes time to materialise.
“But we have got a positive feedback that by and large the film bazaar held in NFDC for the first time last year has been beneficial to the filmmakers,” she added.

Priest, who wanted to be an actor

Priest, who wanted to be an actor

There is no need to be startled when Father Peter Raposo calmly declares that he wanted to act in films. For there’s a lot more he wanted to do, and actually did, before he came down to Ranchi to be secretary to Cardinal Telesphore P.Toppo. One doesn’t quite know how Cardinal Toppo convinced Raposo to leave behind the idyllic beaches of Goa, but once here, Raposo is perfectly at home.

“Adjusting to new ways of life has never been a problem,” he says with a smile. That is evident from the way he has managed to juggle so many of his interests. Cardinal Toppo had good reasons indeed in inviting him here. Apart from holding a bachelors in theology and a diploma in journalism, Raposo had been editing the 73-year-old popular Konkani weekly Workers Friend, as well as contributing to other newspapers and magazines. Journalistic skills apart, Raposo is techno-savvy as well.

He has been around and there’s a lot one can converse to him about, for he does have a way with words and languages, being fluent in English, Hindi and Konkani. Apart from matters religious or official, Raposo could fascinate one with the way he can carry on for hours on films, too!

For how many Fathers concede, even if shyly, that their first love is films? For those who don’t know, Raposo had actually assisted Pooja Bhatt in her film Holiday, which was shot in Goa. “I wanted to act in films. I have acted in scores of plays in English, Hindi and Konkani.

However, though I secured admission to the Goa School of Drama, I fell seriously ill. Perhaps, the Lord wanted me to continue my theology studies and to serve Him,” he reflects.

Bubbling with interests, one is sure he is never likely to run out of ways to serve the world around.

Helen Sardinha - Konkani film actress

Film Appreciation Workshop begins June 8

The Film Appreciation workshop organized by the Entertainment Society of Goa from June 8-10, will be formally opened on June 8, 11.00am, Ground floor, Old GMC Heritage Precinct (Old GMC Bldg), Panaji. Distinguished guests for occasion will be Chief Secretary, Govt of Goa, Shri J P Singh, Full Bright Scholar and ex-Dean Film & Television Institute of India, Pune (FTII) Shri Samar Nakhate and veteran yester-year Konkani film actress, Smt Helen Sardinha.


The three-day introductory workshop in film appreciation will introduce participants to the medium of varied audiovisual, through programs of lectures and special screenings introduced by Shri Nakhate. Participants will explore the principles of film appreciation and analysis through lectures and viewing of films and film excerpts from award-winning critically acclaimed films. Participants will also examine film analysis, including the principles of montage, camera movements, lighting, sound, direction, acting and how these elements have influenced various film directors around the globe. Particular emphasis on the technical, social and economic factors which have influenced motion picture development will also be discussed. The films chosen represent many different approaches to filmmaking and a variety of cultural backgrounds including films from Europe, Asia and America. Some of the genres chosen are: film musicals, love story, social commentaries, film spoofs, film noir, sci-fi, gangsters and animation.

Workshop will also include informal interactions conducted by guest speakers like Shri Rajendra Talak (Producer/Director) on June 8, Shri Dharmanand Vernekar (Producer/Director/Journalist) on June 9, and Shri Raju Shinde (Faculty, Goa College of Art) on June 10 between 4.00pm-5.00pm respectively.

Entertainment Society of Goa
Old GMC Heritage Precinct
D B Marg, Panjim