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Konkani Video CD "DUKHAM"

Comedy Queen Querobina to release Konkani Video CD "DUKHAM" in Kuwait

By Gasper Crasto

Comedy Queen Querobina Carvalho - Quero to friends - will launch her first
songs and jokes Video CD entitled 'Dukham' (Tears) at the Goa Day event on
9th November 2007 in Kuwait.

Querobina has transcended Goa's stereotype stage style to become one of the
finest actresses of this generation against all odds. She is undoubtedly a
superstar and on a pedestal equal to legendary celebrities of the stage.
Querobina is perhaps the only actress who can do comedy as well as tragedy
roles and at the highest standard at that, and sing with a voice that can
melt stone hearts.

The Video CD produced by Music House (Mapusa) and music composed by famed
Goan musician Norman Cardozo, consists of a selection of songs and jokes.

Querobina has the distinction of winning 3 straight Kala Academy awards as
the Best Singer of Goa from 1973 to 1975. Acclaimed as one of Goa's popular
comedienne and an actress for enacting tragedy roles, Querobina has
tirelessly served Konkani stage even after landing in Kuwait. The
multi-talented star recently featured in the first Konkani E-Cinema 'BLACK
Nhesop Atanchem Fashion' produced and directed by T-Bush.

Querobina is a singer with an eloquent voice and has to her credit several
songs in Konkani CDs, video films and audio albums. She has sung in
approximately 39 audios and features in 8 videos. Her first Album 'Dhinvas'
was a runaway hit. Not too long ago, Querobina presented her first Konkani
album "Tragedy Queen" dedicated to her favourite stage actress Ophelia

Querobina's first step on the stage was at the age of 9 years where she sang
her first solo at St. Aloysius High School. Querobina's rise to fame began
with her 'first break' on the professional stage in A.M. Pacheco's drama
'Mr. Romeo' and 'Odruxtt' in 1977. Querobina labored long in the field of
different roles for Patrick Dourado's 'Soth' and the second ever ladies show
on Konkani stage 'Oxem Ghoddtta' before her acting in Goa's mega hit dramas
showed the extent of her brillance and talents. She soon went on to act in
A.M.Pacheco's 'Don Roste', 'Vis Vorsam Adim' and Nelson
(Nelson-Conception-Anthony) Alphonso's 'Asro.' In 1978 she joined Patrick
Dourado's troupe that brought her recognition as a professional artiste and
also the title 'Comedy Queen Querobina' for his drama 'Ostori'.

The greatness of her acting came forth again in performances of Patrick's
tragedy hit 'Lok Sangtolo', and M. Boyer's 'Mog Kazar Divorce'. Soon she was
pulled in Bombay by late Bab Peter to act in an all Bombay professional
group in 'Guneaum Mhozo Nhuim'. Later, she performed mostly comedy roles in
Prince Jacob's productions. Die-hard tiatro fans have followed her career
closely, watching her metamorphose into one of the State's most recognized
faces on the Konkani stage. Her numerous other acting credits include
Patrick Dourado's superhits such as "Oxem Ghoddtta", "Ghatki Bhoinn",
"Bhavacho Cheddo", "Familik Vollkona", "Lok Sangtolo", "Tem Mhojem Soirem",
"Dev Borem Korum", "Tin Fogotteache Marann", "Varem", "Noketr", "Patok",
etc; C. D'Silva and Patrick Dourado's joint venture 'Mannkam Motiam', 'Mog',

Querobina featured in approximately 27 different dramas of Patrick Dourado
and later acted in shows of Conny M. D'Silva, Vitorino Pereira, Master Vaz,
legendary late Rosario Rodrigues, Menino de Bandar, etc. Prominent hits
that she acted are late Bab Peter's 'Mijas', 'Guneanv Mhozo Nhoim', 'Tuka
Kiteak Poddlam'; Robin Vaz's 'Biatin', 'Chamcha'; late C.Alvares' 'Xezari
Kombo' ; late Jacinto Vaz's drama 'Sukh ani Dukh'; Wilmix's 'Sonvsar ani
Sorg'; Roseferns' 'Tuttlele Dhaage'; and Prince Jacob's superhits 'Pavnnek',
'Ponvot', 'Pordexi', 'Poltodd', 'Pangddo', 'Pergao', 'Poixe-Poixe', etc.

Querobina has also sung and rendered her voice in 56 folk plays on All India
Radio (AIR) - Goa which were a major source of entertainment for public
before the advent of television in Goa in the wake of the 1982 ASAID. As a
comedienne Querobina has acted alongside famous artistes of Konkani stage
that include Comedian Dias, Comedienne Platilda, Comedian Philip, Comedian
Domnic, Augustine, Sherly, Sally, Comedian Jesus, Luis Bachchan, Nelson,
Ben, Ambe, X. Almeida, M. Boyer, Jacinto Vaz, Titta Pritto, Tony Martins,
Paul Romy, Hortencio, late Luis Dias, etc. She was a darling of the crowd in
Prince Jacob's shows alongside Jacob and Humbert.

Born to Andrew Carvalho and Arcangela Fernandes and coming from the
beautiful coastal village Majorda, Querobina grew up with her younger
brother Anthony. It was in celebrated director M.Boyer's drama 'Mog Kazar
Divorce' that she first toured the Middle East and made the trip again for
another 5 times in Prince Jacob's shows. Recalling her overseas tours
Querobina underlines "In 1989, I performed in London for Prince Jacob's
'Painem' and 'Pergao'; my first trip to Kuwait was in Mario de Majorda's
"Sambau" drama staged in 1994 at Keifan Hall." The much in demand actress
also toured Dubai and Bahrain for Jose Rod's "Mauli" and for Comedian Philip's
drama 'Hem Kazar Koslem?', and also traveled to Qatar, Bahrain from Kuwait
to act in dramas on several occasions. Querobina's 'residency' in Kuwait
has been hailed in the media by many Goans as a gift to Kuwait Konkani
lovers but the void created by her absence in Goa is missed by thousands.
Since her arrival in Kuwait in 1995 she has acted in various dramas directed
by Jose Rod, Rosary Ferns, Comedian Philip, Mario de Majorda, etc. Most
recently, she has acted for the shows directed by Salu Faleiro, Simon
Gonsalves, Francis de Tuem, etc. Indisputably, a multifaceted actress like
Querobina would have been hailed as a "top star" had she been acting in any
other language dramas. The artiste has been felicitated in Kuwait by
Konkani Heritage Kuwait (2000) and United Club of Utorda (2007) and in
Bahrain at the staging of Anthony Luis Fernandes' show. After a gap of 22
years, she had performed in July 2007 in Goa for Laurente Pereira's 'Hea
Gharachim Dharam Bondh' tiatr to a thunderous ovation.

"The audience has accepted and appreciated me as an actress. I am sure the
latest video of songs and jokes will be a joy of tears for the Konkani
speaking masses", stated Querobina on the release of 'Dukham'.

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