Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FILM: Bhavart Ani Fulam Mojea Gupit Jivitant

My film had to end in Goa


Greek actress Eleftheria Komi had to undergo intense training for almost a year to learn Konkani for the film, Faith and Flowers in My Secret Life (Bhavart Ani Fulam Mojea Gupit Jivitant), which is set for all-Europe release sometime in December this year.
Tuesday saw the last day of the shooting of the film in the heritage and holy precincts of Old Goa under the guidance of young producer and director Domingo Fernandes on whose life the two-hour movie is based.
Domingo says there could be no other place for this film to end other than Goa because that’s the place where he was born and the movie itself is based on his life and tribulations.
Hailing originally from Agassaim Domingo is making this film along with another Goan Anthony Dias from Ambelim in Salcete. Both have long migrated to France and are now European citizens living in Paris.
Domingo, who migrated to France when he was 13 years old, has not lost touch with Konkani, which he speaks more proficiently than English, along with Spanish and German.
The young director says the film is set for release in December in Paris. This is my second feature film, the first being Out of My Country I Love You. It is a fusion of English, Konkani and French languages and is made under the banner of Flying Films Production, he mentions.
The film shooting for Faith and Flowers…has been going on since the last three and half years and was shot at various locations in Paris and Goa. And why so much delay in completing the shooting of the film? Doming says during a shoot in Paris they were robbed of their film equipment that was worth over crores in Indian rupees.
“After this there was a lapse in the shooting of the film and the incident left Anthony and me very depressed,” he recounts and adds, “Despite all shortcomings we managed to wound up the shooting today. It has been very satisfying.”
Domingo says apart from the gorgeous lead actress of the film, Eleftheria Komi, who took the trouble to learn Konkani, Erique Ebounay is the other known star in the flick. Ebounay has acted in American films like Gladiator and Three Kings, he adds.
The director himself has acted in the movie. Then there are other Goan actors like France-settled Juana Pinto and Francis Figuereido who got a chance to brush with better known foreign actors.
Domingo says he plans to propose to the Entertainment Society of Goa to screen the film at the International Film Festival of India in November. But it is sure to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May, he mentions.

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