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"Konknni Cholchitram" launch interview

"Konknni Cholchitram" launch interview

Author Isidore Dantas speaks to Goa Sudharop's Shilla Almeida regarding the launch of his highly anticipated Konkani filmbook "Konknni Cholchitram" released in honour of Goa Sudharop's 10 year anniversary.

Shilla Almedia (SA): Please tell us a little about yourself.
Isidore Dantas (ID): I have been writing to Konkani magazines from the age of eleven. At present I am 62. I have contributed to Aitarachem Vachop, Udentechem Nekhetr, Vauraddeancho Ixtt, Sot, Divtti,. The Goan Sports Weekly, Gulab, Poddbimb. I now regularly write for Jivit in Roman script and for Uzvadd in Devnagri script. Whenever time permits I contribute to Goa Today, Gomantak Times and Sunaparant. My first book on Konkani proverbs was released in September 2007 entitled Vozram-a treasure trove of Konkani adages with English interpretation at the hands of the Goa Chief
Minister. In October 2008, I was awarded the Al Jerry Braganza Award for
the work on Konkani films again at the hands of Goa CM. Besides this, I regularly contribute to Akashwani, Mumbai. I have also written the sub-titles for the Konkani film DVD Bhuianrantlo Monis. I will be receiving the Fr Freddy da Costa Memorial award for Journalism instituted by Dalgado Konkani Akademi, Goa on 8th April 2010.

SA: What prompted you to write the book?
ID: Ten years ago, an editor friend of mine handed over me a daily newspaper from outside Goa which contained an article on Konkani films. When I browsed it, I found that it was incomplete. That is how I started to research on the subject. But it was not an easy task. I remembered that many films had been broadcast by Mumbai Doordarshan. When I enquired with them, I got a shock of my life. They informed me that since no one came to enquire about the films since last 15 years, they do not possess them any longer. Akashwani Mumbai and Akashwani Panaji do not have old records. National Film Archives of India, Pune has two Konkani films deposited with them but the whereabouts about the person depositing the same is not known. The task was completed with the assistance of Konkani enthusiasts all over the world.

SA: What does the title "Konknni Cholchitram" mean?
ID: The title represents Konkani films. Since "films", "cinema" are English words I have used the Konkani word which means moving images = movies.

SA: What is the book about?
ID: The research work is on celluloid Konkani films which consists of 282 pages all in colour with about 269 photographs. It comprises information on all 31 Konkani celluloid films produced. 23 films from Goa, 7 from Mangalore, 1 from Bangalore. It includes Black... produced in Kuwait and also the latest Poltoddcho Monis which won award at the Toronto Festival. The book contains 107 songs out of which 85 are with music notes. The book also consists of a chapter on Konkani people who have contributed to Bollywood.

SA: How and where can people purchase copies of "Konknni Cholchitram"?
ID: The book will be available for purchase online and with other distributors in India and throughout the Goan diaspora. Details will follow.

SA: Why should people purchase the book?
ID: The book covers all the Konkani celluloid films so far and contains details such as the story, the producer’s profile, photographs, songs some of which are with music notes. I was looking for a reference book on Konkani films which I could not find and hence decided to fill in the gap.

SA: Do you have any other planned publications?
ID: My next book entitled “Utorsod” will be released on 1st May 2010 in Goa. It comprises of a quiz of almost thousand questions on matters relating to Goa which are hidden in a maze.

SA: Would you encourage other Goans to publish their work?
ID: Publishing is very difficult. It is generally not financially viable since the Goan market is small. Fortunately George Pinto personally funded my book and obtained sponsors too. This is an innovative model which should make it more attractive for Goan authors to publish their work. Otherwise a lot of good material will go unpublished.

SA: Thank you for your time and good luck.
ID: Thank you, much appreciated.

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--- On Sun, 3/21/10, George Pinto wrote:

I would like to thank the sponsors for their generous contributions towards the Konkani filmbook authored by Isidore Dantas to be released soon. In addition, I would like to publicly thank Francis Rodrigues and Ben Antao for their invaluable advice. Also thanks to Gaspar Almeida for putting the author in touch with me.

1. Acaria Almeida
2. Blasio Valerio Fernandes
3. Descendants of André Eusebio Pinto, Nerul, Goa (1902 - 1989) honored by Bosco D'Mello
4. Dick & Tina Lobo honored by Mervyn Lobo
5. Filomena Giese
6. Flo de Souza
7. Hegde Desai Family honored by Sanjeet Hegde Desai
8. Ibonio & Annie D'Souza
9. Jerry and Matilde Menezes honored by Marlon Menezes
10. Living and deceased members of the C P Mascarenhas family of Quepem, Goa honored by from Chris Mascarenhas
11. Rajan Parrikar
12. Shilla Almeida
13. Valerie Rodrigues

In memoriam:
1. Eleterio Innocent Fernandes (ex-staff Indian Airlines) on his 25th death anniversary, honored by his wife Anny Rosita Fernandes, sons Simon Ellison Fernandes & family, Edgar Silvester Fernandes & family and Daughter Emelda Fernandes & family.
2. Guilhermina Serafina Da costa honored by Blasio Fernandes
3. Martinho Milagres da Rocha honored by Mario da Rocha
4. Roque Xavier Fernandes (1906 - 1982), Carmona, Goa honored by Livia Pereira



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My sincere thanks to you for guiding me in publication of my book on Konkani films. Mr George Pinto has been kind enough to shoulder the burden. It is due for release next month.Please therefore furnish me your detailed address in order to enable me send you a copy.



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