Sunday, May 9, 2010

31 Konkani celluloid films produced

A few days ago I used the word "Kollywood" in the subject line to refer to Konkani films and Isidore Dantas book "Konknni Cholchitram". Gaspar Almeida (Kuwait) has kindly corrected me that the term "Kollywood" has already been used to refer to Tamil films, see
I want to thank Gaspar for pointing that out.

Gollywood has already been taken by Gujarati cinema, see

Where does that leave Goan/Konkani films? What "wood" are we ;-)

P.S The regional breakdown of the 31 Konkani celluloid films produced which are listed in "Konknni Cholchitram" are: Mangalore 10, Bangalore 1, Dubbed 2, Kuwait 1, Canada 1, Goa 16.


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