Thursday, January 24, 2008

ANTARNAD - A Konkani-Marathi bi-lingual film

"Antarnad", a Konkani film produced by Rajendra Talak Creations, will be screened in 2008 on January 12 and at E-Square, Inox for the Pune International Film Festival 2008. This is Talak's second film to be screened in Pune.

In 2005, the National Award winning film "Aleesha" was screened at the PIFF event. "Antarnad is bilingual film made in Konkani and Marathi.

Info source: Gomantak Times.


Konkani cinema coming of age: Antarnad (music never heard) is the third film of Rajendra Tilak as producer-director.

Shot in Konkani and Marathi language, the film aims to overtake Goan borders and reach across Marathi speaking neighbouring states. Rajendra said that it is a serious effort to expand the market of the film beyond 30-lakh potential viewers and also help develop Konkani cinema to create a regional audience. That would be a first important step to take Goan cinema to national and international level.'

After a long career in theater, Rajendra moved to venture into film production and direction nearly a decade ago. From Shitu to wining the National award for his second film Aleesha viewed by a larger audience, Rajendra has steadily climbed his way to the top. as

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