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Giving Konkani Films Due Recognition

Giving Konkani Films Due Recognition

There are many famous Konkani films which should get due recognition at the IFFI and the artistes should be honoured. January 31st is a memorable day in Konkani cinema when Al Jerry Braganza influenced by the Konkani novel of Dioguinho D'Mello decided to to do a film based on it and did the mahurat on this day. Within one year the film "Mogacho Anvddo" was released on April 24, 1950, at Mapusa.

The second Konkani film "Amchem Noxib" was released in 1963 under the banner of Frank Films. The film was a super duper hit. The songs of this film are popular even today.

Film "Nirmon" by Frank Fernandes was released in 1966. This film also was a hit.

In 1967, again Al Jerry Braganza released his second film "Sukhachem Soponn" under the banner of Helen Productions. This film had melodious music and lyrics by Alfred Rose.

"Mhoji Ghorkarn" was released in 1969 under the banner of Movierama.

In the year 1970 Britona Films came up with its new release "Kortubancho Sounsar". The dialogues of this film were written by Reginald Fernandes.

Soon Ambika Films came out with its film "Jivit Amchem Oxem" by Muthu Krishan Das.

In 1975, again Ambika Films came out with another film "Bogllant" based on the tiatro "No Vacancy" by Prem Kumar.

In the year 1977, United Youngsters of Mangalore brought out the first coloured Konkani film called "Mog ani Moipass".

Same year Chris Perry any Tony Coutinho brought out another coloured film "Buierantlo Munis" under the banner of Chripton Motion Pictures. The film had music by Chris Perry and playback singing by Asha Bhosle.

In 1978, Konkan Pictures of Mangalore came out with its film "Tisri Chitt".

In 1981, Saraswat Konkani people brought out "Jana Mana".

In 1982, Priya Productions brought out "Suzane". This film had lyrics by Alfred Rose and playback singing by Manna Dey and Bhupinder.

In 1980, the GSB mandal brought out "Tapaswani" followed by the last film "Giresthai" by Muthu Krishan Das. The film had Christopher and Meena Leitao for its cast.

Film culture has come to stay in Goa and a lot of good films like "Shitu", "Dekhni Durai", "Aleesha", "Kanteantlem Ful" and others have been released.

[John Aguiar, Parnorama-Gomantak Times]

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