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On Konkani Films

Konkani film - 'Padhri' after three years
By MIO Team

Nov 05, 2007

One of the recognized languages in the Karnataka state - Konkani (Kannada, Tulu and Kodava are the other three) a film titled 'Padhri' is all set to go on the floors next month says producers Raymond Quadrus and Girish.

The film is based on popular stage play of Newton D'souza - 'Padhri'. This play was staged for 350 times in various places in India, Gulf and London.

After reaching the peak we forget the past. The ladder that we climb up is kicked. That should not happen is what the story emphasize says one of the producers Girish. This will be made in cinemascope with action and melodious tunes. We are contemplating on subtitles in Kannada and redoing the film in Hindi says the director Rajesh Fernandes.

'Sukhi Koni' made in 1949 is the first Konkani film. But the film that got released is 'Nirmon'.

Mogacho Avaudo, Amjan Shika, Bogalant, Bhuirantlo Munis, Mog ani Mayass, Thisri Cheet, Sujagna.

For all these films the Karnataka State government was giving Rs.50000 subsidy.

For 'Tapaswini' made in 1980 the government sanctioned Rs.1 lakh.

The lavishly made Konkani film so far is Richard Castellino's national award winning film in 1995 - 'Boksane'.

In 1996 'Dekan Duraya' by Pundarika Naik, and 'Jeevanancha Khel' in 2001 are the other Konkani films made.

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