Thursday, January 24, 2008

Goa’s award winning director Rajendra Talak

Goa’s award winning director announces launching of new Marathi film

PANJIM, NOV 6 – Goa’s first national award-winning director for a Konkani film Rajendra Talak on Tuesday announced his new film in Marathi and Hindi which would hit the screens at IFFI 2008, even as he declared his stint with Konkani cinema-making was over.
Addressing a press conference to announce his new project, Talak informed, “The making of will cost around Rs 90 lakh and part of the movie will be shot in London. I’ve retained Ashok Patki to do the music for the film, while Vidyadhar Pathare and Devu Devdhar (cameraman) are the other names finalised.”

The award-winning director said the shooting for the film, the storyline of which is based on Internet marriages, will begin in March 2008 and he expects to wind it up in a month’s time like his earlier projects – Aleesha and Antarnad. While Aleesha fetched the director a national award, Antarnad, which was also made in Marathi (Savelee), won him accolades from Maharashtra.

He said two Hindi and two Marathi production houses have evinced keen interest financing In December I will submit the proposal to the Hindi production houses, he stated.

Talak, who declared his journey into Konkani filmmaking as bad, said, “From now on I will not make any Konkani cinema on my own, but if the Government invites me to make a film in the local language I will be there.”

He rued over the fact that the Government had failed to clear the amount (Rs 16 lakh) due to him for his national award-wining film Aleesha, which was shown at IFFI. Till date I’ve spent Rs 1.35 crore and have been able to get back Rs 60 lakh.

The director condemned the bureaucrats for moving slow when it came to processing files pertaining to film finance, even as he lauded Chief Minister’s recent instructions to do whatever possible for Konkani cinema.

“I will request the CM to set a deadline for bureaucrats to clear all files relating to Konkani cinema,” he added.

Hitting back at critics of the Government scheme for final assistance for films, Talak said, “There’s no flaw in the scheme and there has been no favouritism shown towards me for gaining from the scheme. Milind Mhadgoot and others, instead of making allegations should concentrate on making good cinema.”

He expressed his displeasure with the film workshops held in the State. “There are absolutely no follow-ups after these workshops are over. Goans take filmmaking lightly,” he asserted.Meanwhile, the filmmaker has announced that those seriously interested in acting can contact him on He was accompanied by Ketaki Haldipur and Sonali Kalangutkar, who are his assistants in film directing.

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