Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Priest, who wanted to be an actor

Priest, who wanted to be an actor

There is no need to be startled when Father Peter Raposo calmly declares that he wanted to act in films. For there’s a lot more he wanted to do, and actually did, before he came down to Ranchi to be secretary to Cardinal Telesphore P.Toppo. One doesn’t quite know how Cardinal Toppo convinced Raposo to leave behind the idyllic beaches of Goa, but once here, Raposo is perfectly at home.

“Adjusting to new ways of life has never been a problem,” he says with a smile. That is evident from the way he has managed to juggle so many of his interests. Cardinal Toppo had good reasons indeed in inviting him here. Apart from holding a bachelors in theology and a diploma in journalism, Raposo had been editing the 73-year-old popular Konkani weekly Workers Friend, as well as contributing to other newspapers and magazines. Journalistic skills apart, Raposo is techno-savvy as well.

He has been around and there’s a lot one can converse to him about, for he does have a way with words and languages, being fluent in English, Hindi and Konkani. Apart from matters religious or official, Raposo could fascinate one with the way he can carry on for hours on films, too!

For how many Fathers concede, even if shyly, that their first love is films? For those who don’t know, Raposo had actually assisted Pooja Bhatt in her film Holiday, which was shot in Goa. “I wanted to act in films. I have acted in scores of plays in English, Hindi and Konkani.

However, though I secured admission to the Goa School of Drama, I fell seriously ill. Perhaps, the Lord wanted me to continue my theology studies and to serve Him,” he reflects.

Bubbling with interests, one is sure he is never likely to run out of ways to serve the world around.


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