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Why there isn't a Konkani cinema/Andrew Greno Viegas

Reflected in Water : Writings on Goa/edited by Jerry Pinto. New Delhi, Penguin Books, 2006, xiv, 296 p., (pbk). ISBN 0-14310-081-5.

Contents: Introduction. 1. Konkani folk songs/Jose Pereira and Micael Martins. 2. At Donna Georgina's/William Dalrymple. 3. Misunderstanding Goa/Prabhakar S. Angle. 4. The Goa action/Mankekar and Aparna Mathur. 5. The freedom to choose/Armando Menezes. 6. Goa the unique/Graham Greene. 7. Three lives/Nisha da Cunha. 8. The Chaishop years/David Tomory. 9. From The Voyage of John Huyghen Van Linschoten/John Huyghen Van Linschoten. 10. From Goa and the blue mountains/ Richard F. Burton. 11. Tomb Raider: looking for St Francis Xavier/Naresh Fernandes. 12. At the Ferry Wharf/Ranjit Hoskote. 13. The old crone says: Three Goan death stories/Jerry Pinto, Pria Agni and P. Vel Kumar. 14. The inner and outer life of Goa/Richard Lannoy. 15. From Karma Cola/Gita Mehta. 16. First season in Goa/Cleo Odzer. 17. Outkast D'Souza/Sonia Faleiro. 18. Several views of a visit to Goa/Gerson da Cunha. 19. For Goa and Opium/Teotonia R. de Souza. 20. On the Abbe's Trail/Frederick Noronha. 21. Idyll/Eunice de Souza. 22. From skin/Margaret Mascarenhas. 23. Tiatr: An unlimited engagement/Cynthia Gomes James. 24. Our fate? Why there isn't a Konkani cinema/Andrew Greno Viegas. 25. Old women/Lucio Rodrigues. 26. The man who Swallowed Goa whole/Vivek Menezes. 27. Virtual Goa/Various. 28. From chasing the monsoon/Alexander Frater. 29. The villagers/H.O. Nazareth. 30. Season's greetings/Adil Jussawalla. 31. 'Summertime' in Malkauns/Samita Sinha. 32. Where has all the culture gone?/George Menezes. 33. Rosie's theme/Peter Nazareth. 34. Estado da India/R. Parthasarathy. 35. Everything you ever wanted to know about Feni but were too drunk to ask/Frank Simoes. 36. No blood in the snake oil/Antoine Lewis. 37. The Goan bread vendor/Laxmanrao Sardessai. 38. Luis De Camoens/Santan Rodrigues. 39. Old wall/Jerry Pinto. 40. Catarina and her followers/Mario Cabral e Sa. 41. Stills from Baga beach/Manohar Shetty. 42. The temples in the valley/Manohar Malgonkar. 43. When an ass mounts a cow/Pundalik Naik. 44. Keeping the faith/Maria Aurora Couto. Notes on contributors. Copyright acknowledgements.

"Described variously as the Kashi of the South, the Rome of the east and the pearl of the orient, Goa, located on the west coast of India, is renowned for its scenic charm, its beaches, and the architectural splendour of its temple, churches and old houses. With its sun-sand-surf leitmotif it is also the land of the lotus-eater, a tourist's paradise of fun and frolic, raves and revelry. But Goa is more than just the world's favourite holiday destination. Its unique history, shaped by the various dynasties that ruled it--the Rashtrakutas, the Kadambas and the Bahmani Muslims, before its 450-year-long occupation by the Portuguese from 1510--has given it a distinctive flavour, a different rhythm, an easy cosmopolitanism.

Reflected in Water is a collection of essays, poems, stories and extracts from published works that bring to life both the natural beauty and the changing social and political ethos of India's smallest state. From Mario Cabral e Sa's delightful take on the earliest Portuguese women to come to India to Gita Mehta's description of hippies at Calangute, from Alexander Frater's mesmerizing account of Goa in the monsoon to Manohar Malgonkar's ode to the Mangeshi temple, this anthology celebrates the irreverent and the sacred in equal measure." (jacket)

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