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Views on 'BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion'

Regarding the movie "BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion" ... it's strange... I really don't understand why our people go on talking... when they don't know a head of tail of the efforts put in by T-bush!

First the hardships put in this... since it was shot in Kuwait... which is not easy... its easy for people to talk sitting on the seats...but we as artistes know the trouble he has gone thru to beg & help for permission for shooting...

It's useles... talking nonsense after nonsense... they said... each one has it's day!.. so why be bad or do bad unto others... never know when if could come back in return!!!

Infact they should have raise T-bush on high pedestal... instead of demotivating him... for the troubles he took...

Anyways its one's life take on each... and where jealousy is there there is worst of it...!

God bless T-Bush and all.

Young artiste - from the 1st Konkani e-cinema "BLACK"
(Name withheld on request)

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Views on 'BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion'

"It is rare that the public sentiment decides immorally or unwisely, and the individual who differs from it ought to distrust and examine well his own opinion." -gaspersWorld
Presenting some of the Views received and reproduced as they are -- unedited !

Congratulations! ! The movie was very well done. I was very impressed with how high you have set the standard for Goan cinema. My family and myself really enjoyed this film.

We wish you all the best in future undertakings of such projects.

Best Regards,

Bosco Leitao
le_boss@mail. com
E-cinema-chi tontrik (technique) upeog korun ek vhodd cinema poddear ‘BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion’ filmachi survat zali tedna prekxokanim talleo marun vosro gazoilo ani oxe toren poilench E-cinema Konknni cholchitran Kuwait-chea desant itihas ghoddoilo.
-Lino Dourado in Aitaracheo Kaskutleo - Goanet

Hey young ‘GOAN HERO’ Congratulations n wish u a happy birthday & God
Bless U.

Dear T-Bush, Congratulations n Happy Birthday to u. Thu movie ws excellent, a class apart from the usual konkani films available. Daddy ws all praise for ur direction. I loved the unusual story. Here's wishing u luck in all your future endeavours. U r an inspiration for all of us, fellow Goans-tht v ordinary, average Goans 2 can have extraordinary dreams; & a will to make thm a reality through hard work.

Congratulations to u. V r proud of ur achievement. Keep up d good work.


Dear T-Bush, MABROOK! great art! Only jealous & abnormal people will create faults to comment about BLACK! BLACK is superb n educative, waiting for more projects

It’s a lovliest day 2day in our life, by d grace of Jesus. Thank u T-Bush including me I will mis u all. -QUEROBINA CARVALHO

Im proud of u th son of India-Goa… Keep up th good work n th Konkani film standard, BLACk is an good exmple 4Goan directors its time thy cme out of nut shell n present unusual story n direction


V wis u D best always.. after a long way. Hope 2c u as an ACE director. God bless u in ur future untaking. Lv Braz n Me. -CYNTHIA RODRIGUES

Hi T-Bush Toni & fly Wish U a very happy Birthday. May U release a new movie on UR birthday every year. Congratulations on your BIG success. Viva -TONI

U r great, ur more thn wht I expected. Th title suits u perfect :Goan Hero: u gav birth 2our mother tongue-Konkani in this Arab World –GREAT FILM keep going..

Totally different, BLACK is Superb! unusual story, marvelous direction, nobody can overcome your directing & editing powers. -RABINDRANATH GONSALVES

BLACK - 1st part is same like constructing a huge tower with different materials and many laborers, 2nd part is the beauty of the huge tower ever built in Konkani History, Great work..
Dear Tibush! Firstly CONGRATS & at last its released with a great success! J Many happy returns of the day, God bless nd all the best, for your new year ahead! Happy Birthday! Loadz of wishes CoSaZeMaJuLu Cardoz. -CONCHITA CARDOZ

Audience including me would hav not release the seat even if th movie ws +3hrs. Not a single person left the auditorium in between the screening! This is th answer to BLACK

CHEERS ! BRAVO ! Amazing job, may God bless u with many more such projects. Always there shahu..
Dear Mr. T – Bush,

I want to congratulate the budding producer-director Mr. T – Bush and his dedicated team who worked tirelessly for a year and a half for creating a world history with the first ever Konkani e-Cinema one of the best ever.
It will be a memorable one with moments of pride and happiness for all our Goans. Great show ! ! !
Your admirer
Aamchi Mumbai
Mrs. Nimia D’Costa

Great movie n all d best for d next one, keep it up. Cheers..
"BLACK is a sweet, just, humane and interesting film that recapitulates the life of a musician in a Goan backdrop of traditions and culture. T-Bush has researched the subject in depth to come up with such a fantastic portrayal."
-Gracy Morais (filmstar)
T-Bush, Konknnichea molar hache poilim konnench ghoddovnk nam ani fuddarakui konnuch ghoddovnk zavchonam toslo itihas tum aiz kuwveitchea
xarant ghoddoita. Porbim tuka. T-bush u r really Great. Tuka ani Tujea “BLACK” cholchitrak Borem ies ani boro fuddar anvddetam. Aiz Kuveittant
hanv Tuje Vangdda Kuddin nam zait, pun khatren monan tori asach. T-Bush Great Going! Carry On! -SALU FERNANDES (ULAS)
Mabrouk for the huge success of “BLACK” a GREAT FILM, may you achieve greater stardom with your future projects (by the way when do we start shooting?)-also wishing you A Happy Birthday, GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS – Mario Janet Jonathan

I never knew tht Kuwt ws so beautiful to shoot Goan senario u r a great director n a technical director 2 (whn u wil release BLACK:2) -PETER RODRIGUES

I liked th 1st part with different faces n th idea of moving th story line without any loss in continuity. It’s Superb! But lost little interest in 1 scene whn the melodrama takes place in 2nd half “Happy Birthday God Bless U”

Braz de Parra - one of the stars of BLACK
Black! A good example to our Goan directors n producers who alwys give importance to professional actors. Evry amateur actor did their roll well enough to take BLACK to International level. -BLANDINO D’SOUZA

No words! BLACK is BLACK no other Director can match with u. go ahead wth ur ideas. I pray for u. -MARIO COELHO

Music & story paid my every cost of watching 2shows, start to end the music ws excellent. Whn u will screen it again? Good luck for next project.
Dear Mr. T-Bush,

My hearthy congratulations to you for the great success of your first ever E-film cinema in Konkani.

Your "BLACK" is of high and international standard. Some of your combined shots of Kuwait and Goa are amazing and unbelievable. Keep it up. You are good in singing too.

My request to you to come up with "BLACK Part II"

Laurie Miranda
E-MAIL: films@t-bush. com

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Kuwait: First Konkani e-Cinema 'Black' Released
Report & pics by Wilson Saldanha Shirthady/Kuwait
Daijiworld Media Network

Kuwait August 10: Winner of 3 International Awards for his Short Film 'The Letter', Goa born writer-director-Producer T-Bush’s full length, Konkani mega feature film entitled "BLACK NHESOP ATANCHEM FASHION” had its grand release on August 10, 2007 at Al Masrah, Hawally Auditorium, Kuwait. The program started at 4 pm with lighting of traditional lamp by Indian ambassador to Kuwait his Excellency M. Ganapathi, writer-director-Producer T-Bush and Sadashiva Joshi who specially came from Goa for the premier. Both Ganapathi and Sadashiva Joshi spoke about the film and director.

T-Bush was honored by fruits and traditional shawl by ambassador to Kuwait his Excellency M. Ganapathi. Mementos were presented to the artists and sponsors by T-Bush. Vote of thanks was presented by Gracy and program was compered by the actor Sylvester Vaz. The premier was started by opening the curtain by his Excellency M. Ganapathi and T-Bush.

The specialty of film is that it was shot entirely in Kuwait under the banner 'T-Bush International Films'. The film was screened on a wide screen with high quality ‘E-Cinema Technology’ projection which is first time in Konkani.
The movie revolves around a musician who is involved in trivial assignments of traditional music. Culture and music means everything to the self-born maestro who just cannot give up on his passion for music. His effort to persuade the young genre to keep the art living in the face of fading tradition runs to an emotional zenith as the movie unfolds. At the second part it puts light on the sentiments of parents whose children are in Gulf who does not want to visit their motherland.

The premier was a houseful show and to satisfy the excess Konkani movie lovers, a second show was arranged at 8 pm. The event of the day was coordinated by Diany Coutinho and Nitin Castelino.

From Daijiworld Archives:

Kuwait: First Konkani E-Cinema on your Way - BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion

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