Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Helen Sardinha - Konkani film actress

Film Appreciation Workshop begins June 8

The Film Appreciation workshop organized by the Entertainment Society of Goa from June 8-10, will be formally opened on June 8, 11.00am, Ground floor, Old GMC Heritage Precinct (Old GMC Bldg), Panaji. Distinguished guests for occasion will be Chief Secretary, Govt of Goa, Shri J P Singh, Full Bright Scholar and ex-Dean Film & Television Institute of India, Pune (FTII) Shri Samar Nakhate and veteran yester-year Konkani film actress, Smt Helen Sardinha.


The three-day introductory workshop in film appreciation will introduce participants to the medium of varied audiovisual, through programs of lectures and special screenings introduced by Shri Nakhate. Participants will explore the principles of film appreciation and analysis through lectures and viewing of films and film excerpts from award-winning critically acclaimed films. Participants will also examine film analysis, including the principles of montage, camera movements, lighting, sound, direction, acting and how these elements have influenced various film directors around the globe. Particular emphasis on the technical, social and economic factors which have influenced motion picture development will also be discussed. The films chosen represent many different approaches to filmmaking and a variety of cultural backgrounds including films from Europe, Asia and America. Some of the genres chosen are: film musicals, love story, social commentaries, film spoofs, film noir, sci-fi, gangsters and animation.

Workshop will also include informal interactions conducted by guest speakers like Shri Rajendra Talak (Producer/Director) on June 8, Shri Dharmanand Vernekar (Producer/Director/Journalist) on June 9, and Shri Raju Shinde (Faculty, Goa College of Art) on June 10 between 4.00pm-5.00pm respectively.

Entertainment Society of Goa
Old GMC Heritage Precinct
D B Marg, Panjim


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