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KONKANI CINEMA DAY "Konkani Cholchitr Dis" - 24th April 2009 - Goa

Mrs. Bernadette Braganza to be felicitated

Dalgado Konknni Akademi will celebrate Konkani Cinema Day Konknni Cholchitr Dis on Friday, 24th April, 2009 at 4.30 p.m. to commemorate the release of the first Konkani film 'Mogacho Anvddo' on 24th April, 1950. The function will be held at the Theatre 2, Marquinez Palace Building, next to the Old Goa Medical College Building, Panjim, Goa. The first Konkani film 'Mogacho Anvddo' was produced by AL Jerry Braganza from Mapusa, Goa .

On this occasion Mr. Manoj Srivastava, the Member Secretary of Entertainment Society of Goa (ESC) will be the Chief Guest while Mr. Menino Peres, Director of Information & Publicity will be the Guest of Honour. Mrs. Bernadette Braganza, the wife of legendary Al Jerry Braganza will grace the occasion. Dalgado Konknni Akademy will felicitate Mrs. Braganza on this occasion.

The Konkani Film 'Nirmonn' featuring C. Alvares, Shalini, Jacinto Vaz, etc will be screened on the occasion. Admission for the public is free.

Producers, director, artistes and lovers of Konkani film are invited to attend the function.

Dalgado Konknni Akademi.

(Forwarded by Tomazinho Cardozo to Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter via email.
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_____________________________________________________________________ archives:
The first Konkani film 'Mogacho Aunddo' was released and screened in Mapusa, 59 years back, but sadly today we do not have a single print of this film so that we
could screen this movie on this auspicious day. -- quote based and attributed to Tomazinho Cardozo in a report published in Gomantak Times & Navhind Times, 3
years ago..


Function to mark fifty years of Konkani cinema
NT News Desk

Panaji April 19, 2006: The dalgado konkani akademi will be
celebrating konkani cinema day to commemorate the day
of release of the first konkani full length feature
film Mogacho Aunddo, which was released on April 24,
1950, and also to pay respect to the father of Konkani
cinema Al Jery Braganza, writer, producer, director
and hero of the first Konkani film Mogacho Aunddo and
Sukhachem Sopon.The function will be held at T B Cunha
hall on April 24 at 4.30 pm. Rico Rod, veteran film
and stage personality, who also was the co-producer of
the old back (black) and white Konkani film Cortubancho
Sounsar and Rajendra Talak, producer and director of
the recently released konkani film Alisha will be the
guests of honour.

The special attraction of this programme is that the
Konkani film lovers will have a rare opportunity to
hear the audio tracks of orignal old Konkani films
like Mogacho Aunddo, Jivit Amchem Oxem, Sukhachem
Sopon, Mog ani Moipas, Nirmon, Girestkai, Bogsanne,
Suzanne, Jivanacho Khell, Moji Ghorkan, Boglantt, etc
with brief information on the same by Konkani film and
music historian and writer of the publication 50 Years
of Konkani Cinema, Mr Andrew Viegas.

The function will be presided by president of Dalgado
Konkani Academy, Mr Tomaxinho (tomazinho) Cardozo.

(Forwarded as published in Navhind Times

Mogacho Aunddo' (Love's Craving)

Based on the book "Mogachi Vhod" by Deoguiho D'Mello, this movie boasts of being the first full length
Konkani film. Made in one year, "MogachoAnvddo" was
released on April 24,1950, at Mapusa. It was produced
under the banner of ETICA PICTURES (Exchange
Talkies of India, China & Africa) by Al Jerry Braganza.
Besides producing it.AI Jerry also acted and directed it
and sang all the songs of the movie, including the
famous golden hits 'Mogacho Aundo' (Khorench to
chodd khor Mogacho Aunddo, konnank zaina sor
Mogacho Aunddo) along with Lena Fernandes, Lewis
M Ratus, James Braganza, Irene Amarai and Jacob
Fernandes. The golden oldies of this film include Dogui
Amig (Dogui ami bore amig bhurge astana) sung by Al
Jerry and James Braganza.A native of Mapusa.AI Jerry
settled in Bombay in the early forties and is known as
the father of Konkani Cinema.
Frank Fernandes: Producer and
Musician (1919-2007)
Frank Fernandes, popularly known as Frank Fernand,
was born on May 3,1919. In keeping with the immense
love he had for Konkani and with the vast knowledge
of film craft in his possession, Frank had produced his
first Konkani film Amchem Noxib' (Our Luck) under
the banner of Frank Films.
Frank later settled in Mumbai and played music for
Hindi films like Raj Kapoor's 'Barsaat' and Awaara,"
Shabnam,' 'Aahat,' 'Priya,' 'Chor,' 'Darwaza,' Barsaat
Ki Raat,' etc. He also produced two Hindi films: 'Priya'
in 1965 starring Santee Kumar,Tanuja, etc. and 'Aahat'
under the banner of Vishal Gomantak Films starring
Jaya Bhaduri, Dr. Shriram Lagoo, Vinod Mehra, with
direction by Kishore Rege, screenplay by G. D
Madgulkar.He died onApril 4,2007,however his music
and cinema still remains immortalized.
This 16mm colour short film has the distinction for
being the first Konkani film to have received
international fame.The film shot in April 1997 in Pune
and Goa, was selected for 10 of the biggest short film
festivals around the world and had been bought for
telecast by various TV. channels in Poland, Denmark,
U.S.A., etc., with the print subtitled in English.The film
was released under the banner 'AurKya? Films.
Oh Bai' tells the tale of a bangle seller. His profession
requires expertise because selling of bangles involves
slipping of the fragile glass bangles over women's
hands. He moves around a motor bike to cover long
distances. The movie articulately revealed the brief
moments of contact with women as he slips bangles
over their hands.The lead role in the film was played by
Dnyanesh Moghe.
Did you know?
'"When was the first Konkani song released on
Gramaphone records?
In 1910 on HMV Records. Bab Joao Agostinho
Fernandes was the first to sing on this record.
Unfortunately, despite Goa's rich musical heritage,
there is no trace of its beginnings.
"'Which the first silent film to be filmed and
shown in Goa?
'Os Brahmanes' a film by Kohinoor Film Co., from
Bombay was the earliest silent film to be filmed in Goa.
It was based on a novel by Francis Luis Gomes. It was
screened on 25th November 1929 in Goa.
* Who was the first lady to act in tiatrs?
Regina, the wife of Joao Augustinho Fernandes was the
first lady to act in the tiatr 'Bhattkara' in 1904.
* Raj Kapoor- the fabulous showman also spoke
Bunny Reuben, in his biography on Raj Kapoor states,
"To the Goan attendants of the dining car in which Raj
loved to eat fish-fillets "Reshad Bangude" (fried
mackerel filled with másala, a popular Goan dish) and
chips on his way to Poona. Raj Kapoor would converse
in Konkani picked up over the years from John, his
Footnote:The above writer was the editor/publisher
of Konkan Entertainment and dedicated his writing
years to the research and progress of Konkani cinema.

courtesy: IFFI, Goa

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