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Konkani film "Aleesha"

Rajendra Talak's award winning film "Aleesha" is being screened in Cine
Alankar almost unknown to the local populace. There is only one show at 6.30
P.M...and 15 September is the last day it will be screened in Mhapsa. It is
a good movie running to an almost empty audience.

The film is about a mine-owner family and its interaction with the residents
of the mining belt. It could be any of the mining families in Goa, with a
young scion taking learning the ropes and a pretty, educated daughter-in-law
in the wings. Priyanka Bidaye plays the lead role well, a bit dramatised for
the effect. It is Prashanti Talpankar, lecturer in Dnyanaprasarak Mandal's
College on the outskirts of Mhapsa and a writer in her own rights[ besides
being the wife of Sunaparant Editor, Sandesh Prabhu Desai] who grabs the
attention in her role as "Philo", the wife of a deceased truck driver in the
mining belt. The film ably depicts the changing trend in mining, with
afforestation and social concern increasing in the mining companies. the
role in real life that is played by qualified and professional Environmental
Managers working under a ISO 14001 regime is shown in reel life as led by
the daughter-in-law. I know what I am talking about, since I have been
working with agriculture in the mining areas in Bicholim taluka and crop
loss estimations since the Orwellian year, 1984. Overall, it is a A class
film, though without the song-and dance sequences at outstation locales. The
depiction of various trends in the villages is quite realistic.

The little known registered [in 2000] society by the name of "Bardez Konkani
Asmitai Kendra" led by Ms. Nutan Sakhardande felicitated the Director,
Rajendra Talak, with a Shriphal and a shawl at the hands of Shrirang
Narvekar, theatre personality who has done a bit role with Al Braganza in
the classic konkani film "Amchem Noxib". Shrirang lamented that, while
Konkani films of yore ran to full houses for a month in one cinema hall
during the 1960s, a good film like 'Aleesha" now drew only luke warm
response for less than a week.Malayalam and Kannada films had better
audiences in our Bhangarachem Goem. Even the special rate of Rs.10/- for
school students has not evoked much response. "Where has the love of Konkani
and things Goan gone? " he wondered.

Rajendra Talak said he was not unduly worried about the poor public
response. He was happy that at least one organisation was working to promote
viewership of Konkani films. We need more such organisations to rekindle the
pride in our mother tongue. If just one lakh persons from the 14 lakh
population watched a Konkani film paying an average ticket of Rs.25/-, the
Rs.25 lakhs raised therefrom would would contribute about 40% to the
producer to support the production of a film with a budget of about Rs.10

Thank God for IFFI 2004. At least "Aleesha" got noticed. It is not about
the money, but rather the appreciation that motivates one to continue, said

Mhapsekars , Aldonkars, Moidekars, Assagaokars and others on these lists cna
make the last day of the film Aleesha in Mhapsa a day to remember. See the
film at 6.30 P.M. on Thursday, 15 September at Cine Alankar. You can relish
the batatwadas, rassa omlette- pao, tandoori or fresh fruit plate outside
the movie hall after the show. Like Expressions, they are world famous all
over Goa!

Viva Goa.

Miguel Braganza


Films 2006


India 2006, 118 minutes; feature film
Language: Konkani
Subtitles: English

The bountiful nature and the pristine beauty of Goa is a joy forever for one and all the nature lovers all over the globe. Known all over the world as the ultimate tourist location, Goa remains a dream holiday destination for everybody. But little known is the fact that the mining industry is the backbone of Goa’s economy.
ALEESHA is an artist photographer who is an ardent lover of nature. Married in the family of Industrialist, she finds herself in a contradictions of interests. Her struggle to set right the blatant violation and flouting of rules brings her in direct confrontation with her family business interests. Moreover, her hard stance of exposing the facts draws flak from the interested parties. The film ALEESHA depicts her persuasiveness and the manner in which she manages her will and opinion to prevail. The co-existence of an eco-friendly industry with nature is the need of the hour.
ALEESHA reiterate nothing but the same point.

Cast: Priyanka Bidye Tapan Acharya Dr. Vijay Thali Prashanti Talpankar Rajeev Hede Dr. Ajay Vaidya Anil Raikar Keshav Nadkarni Neema Kamat
Director: Rajendra Talak
Producer: Sharmad Raiturkar Director of Photography:
Debu Deodhar

Directors File:
Ritu and Tenzing worked on their first film together as a student project. In 1987, they moved to London to work for the Meridian Trust, a film and video archive specialized in Buddhist and Tibet-related audio-visual material. In 1990, they started White Crane Films and began work on independently produced documentaries and films. Ritu and Tenzing are married and have two children.


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